Malaysia, Where We’re All Food Fanatics

It’s a funny thing being in a country like Malaysia. People here love food. It’s said that Malaysians live to eat, not the other way around. Most countries have a specific food culture, some stronger than others and some better than others, but Malaysia really walks the walk when it comes to food pride. Here, everyone gushes about the diverse cuisineContinue reading “Malaysia, Where We’re All Food Fanatics”

The Healing Touch of the Blind

We finally arrive by taxi to the place I’ve been waiting to try all weekend. A sign for blind massage points up to a narrow staircase; the building’s exterior has seen years of heat and rain in this Little India neighborhood called Brickfields. The exterior is fooling, but what’s inside is more than worth theContinue reading “The Healing Touch of the Blind”

Pulau Keke: A Sliver of Sand in the Deep Blue

Paradise was closer than we thought. Before we moved to Makassar, I knew we’d be living on the coast, but never suspected visiting an island like this would be on a normal weekend itinerary. Not far off the southwest coast on the island of Sulawesi, a sliver of uninhabited sandy escape pokes its head out into theContinue reading “Pulau Keke: A Sliver of Sand in the Deep Blue”

Wishes Come True on Ko Lanta

If you want it badly enough, the wind will grasp your wish and take it up into the night. Khoom Loy as they’re called in Thai, or wish lanterns, carry the bad luck and misfortunes away with them into the sky. What a breathtaking backdrop to our New Year’s evening. As we dined with the sand between our toes, beachContinue reading “Wishes Come True on Ko Lanta”

Film Photography: A Look At Indonesia

The following photos were shot with my Canon AE 1 Program within Indonesia over the past year. It’s a heavy camera that I don’t take everywhere and developing film is virtually impossible now. I love using the camera for street photography and for close ups of people. It has produced some of my favorite images ofContinue reading “Film Photography: A Look At Indonesia”

Seminyak, Bali

    The morning breaks and the city gives way to yet another day, slowly and calmly. Balinese women place handmade offerings dutifully and gracefully in front of their shops, intersections, construction sites, even Circle K’s; it’s their offering to the gods to please and appease. That’s the Balinese vibe. Tourists come to discover traditionContinue reading “Seminyak, Bali”

Bukit Peninsula, Bali

I don’t throw the word “paradise” around easily, but that’s what this side of Bali looks like with its white sand beaches and dramatic limestone cliff features. With a motorbike and no plans, we traveled up and down Bali’s most southern coast in search of some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Sure, SeminyakContinue reading “Bukit Peninsula, Bali”

Borobudur: An awe-inspiring experience on Java

Waking up at 3 in the morning has never been so worth it. With an excited mind and heavy eyes, I crawled out of bed even beating the nearby Mosque’s loud-speaker morning prayer to the punch. In the dead of the morning not one car or person filled the streets of Yogya. The driver weContinue reading “Borobudur: An awe-inspiring experience on Java”

Bangkok By Accident

“You’re flight no longer exists,” isn’t something you want to hear one hour before boarding your flight to New Year’s in Thailand. But as luck would have it, that’s exactly what we heard and that was exactly the case. And just like that, in Manila’s airport with no hotel plans, we took a detour toContinue reading “Bangkok By Accident”

Boracay: Still The World’s Best Island?

“World’s Best” lists are convenient when you have the urge to travel yet have no idea where to spend the holiday season. With the rain pouring down on Makassar and going home to Texas not being an option, I figured why not explore stay in SE Asia and explore more? After a couple eager minutes of googling,Continue reading “Boracay: Still The World’s Best Island?”