20 of the Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Ghent!

Ghent is an amazing city for foodies to run wild. Luckily, my favorite meal of the day is having a big moment and there seem to be new places sprouting up every month! If you’re tired of wondering where to go in the city for a lovely morning meal, here’s a guide to help you navigate your breakfast and brunch cravings in Ghent – once and for all. Bon appétit!


Breakfast with a side of ice cream? Yes, please.bestbrunchgentvaleir

I’m a sucker for water views and this new breakfast and ice cream parlor Valeir has a stunning spot on Portus Ganda. If you can grab a table outside overlooking the morning sun and boat locals, your day is off to a promising start.

Valeir’s motto is “why not ice cream for breakfast?” and I couldn’t agree more.  The interior has green pastel colors which are inviting and calming, a perfect place to start your day, have your meetings or chat with friends. Owner Valerie took inspiration from Stockholm breakfast culture to inspire her menu which is available from 7:30am on. Try the overnight oats in the Healthy Breakfast with slightly spicy applesauce are a crowd favorite, as well as the Guilty Pleasure, Valerie’s favorite. 

Facebook / Closed Tuesday / 0477 75 27 54 / Sint-Joriskaai 1, 9000

Luv L’Oeuf

All day breakfast and boozy brunch

Luv L’Oeuf is the most recent breakfast spot to open up in Ghent and honestly, I’m in love. Not only do they offer delicious and imaginative items in an impressive and historic location, they serve breakfast and brunch all day. Owners Jessica and Lander started Luv L’Oeuf as an answer to their craving for delicious breakfast and brunch dining in the city. Menu highlights include Berry Pancakes, Brioche French Toast, Vegan Breakfast, Huevos Rancheros, and Bahama Mama Waffles.

Their breakfast and brunch philosophy is simple: Jessica and Lander wanted to do something with eggs because let’s face it: they’re versatile and delicious. On the menu, you can enjoy your eggs poached, fried, scrambled, and soft-boiled,


Read the full interview here.

Facebook / Open 7/7 / No Cash / No Reservations 0468 03 58 69 / Nederkouter 30 9000


Serious brews and breakfastbestbrunchgentway

WAY isn’t exactly in the city center, but more like three stops from the Gravensteen castle. The small detour out of the city center is entirely worth it for true coffee and design lovers. The warm atmosphere of this warehouse-turned-restaurant is a change from the norm. WAY does an exceptionally good job of offering coffee and food at high levels. Enjoy an acai bowl, granola with yogurt, poached eggs, banana smoothie bowls, and eggs with bacon, salmon, and toast!

People can expect serious brews here! Owner Charlene De Buysere opened WAY after years of racking up coffee experience and accolades of her own: World Aeropress Champion, Belgium Aeropress Champion & Brewerscup Champion.

Facebook / Closed Saturday & Sunday / Card Only / 001, Dok-Noord 4C & 4D, 9000

Madam Bakster 

The Guilt-Free bakerybestbrunchgentluvmadambakster

Laura started Madam Bakster for many reasons, but the main one was to prove it doesn’t have to be all sugar and cream when it comes to desserts! Madam Bakster is one of the most popular spots for Vegans in Ghent as they’re a plant-based coffee bar, bakery and brunch restaurant, and did I mention 100% sugarfree? Everything on their menu is homemade in their bakery and they make breakfast and sweets without sugar, flour, eggs or cream. In fact, they’re the only company to make their own milk; they press their own almond and hazelnut milk, which is delicious and adds a special flavor to their cappuccinos. Their apple crumble and pancakes with granola, maple syrup and fruit are amazing!
I think brunch is the ideal way to unwind and spend time with your loved ones. And that’s what we want to stand for: Togetherness, health and sustainability. – Laura
Facebook / Closed Monday & Tuesday /  Brabantdam 142, 9000 Gent


A home-style breakfast locale

Breakfast and brunch aficionados will definitely know Gust, and for good reason. Gust was one of the first places in the city to cook up such a satisfying breakfast classics. Getting a reservation here can take a while, but it’s so worth the wait. At Gust, you can find healthy breakfast, naughty brunches, and scrumptious lunches.

 I’m a big traveler and I like to take home cooking inspiration with me. Australia, New York and Copenhagen are true brunch walhalla’s for me where they make that morning meal as important as dinner. I like to see our bar more as a restaurant. – Evi

Something to look out for? Their menu will change in September to offer dishes you haven’t seen anywhere else before. Also, they have a brand new second location where they’ll organize brunch workshops, and next year they’ll move to another location, change the interior completely and the concept a little as well. Something to look forward to!

Facebook / Open Every Day / Reservations Needed / 0474 41 65 95 / Papegaaistraat 55


Ghent City Museum café 

STAMcafé is run by one of the first pioneers on the breakfast scene in Ghet. Pain Perdu has been open since 1991 and owns two great locations in the city. This breakfast location is in a historically rich corner of the city which once housed a hospital, abbey, and monastery in the 13th century, The modern café itself is nestled next to a 14th-century abbey. Whether you’re inside or out, there are beautiful and contrasting views thanks to the full glass windows that offer a view on the water or the beautiful surrounding buildings full of history.

It took a while for Belgium to accommodate to the idea of eating breakfast or brunch away from home since we have a long tradition of breakfast at home with the family or your partner. But little by little, it has a become a huge trend and it’s hard to even find a spot during the weekend to have brunch of breakfast outside! – simon
At STAMcafé the menu changes every 2 to 3 months and they hope to try out a brunch buffet in the near future.
Facebook / Open Every Day / 09 225 89 93 /  Godshuizenlaan 2, 9000


A healthy and balanced breakfast

PLUS+ is a breakfast and lunch bar that’s beloved by vegetarians and vegans in the city. Tucked right in front of the river Leie, PLUS+ is serious when it comes to serving healthy and delicious food. They’re committed to using 100% natural ingredients since they want what they serve to match their healthy concept: organic, no refined sugars, wheat & no artificial additives. For breakfast, they serve nutritious items like homemade vegan banana bread, Acai Bowls, coconut yogurt, chia parfait, and more.

We only serve REAL, PURE FOOD.- soFIE

Facebook / Closed Sunday / 0479 85 57 73 / Ajuinlei 14, 9000 

Franz Gustav

Quaint neighborhood locale

Franz Gustav was one of the first brunch bars I fell in love with in Ghent. It’s a true neighborhood restaurant that welcomes locals as they start their daily grind. They offer breakfast and brunch menus for the entire day and are constantly changing up their offerings to keep creating delicious and beautiful meals. This restaurant on the corner is a great place to socialize, work and hang out, and of course, eat in a quiet spot not far from the center.

Bonus: They have outside seating to do your breakfast meal in style.

People are hungry, sleepy & moody when they arrive at Franz Gustav. But when they leave, it’s with a smile on their face, a full stomach and they’re ready to hit their day hard…That’s how we serve happiness! -Lennert
Facebook / Closed Tuesday / 0484 55 52 45 / Walks and Reservations Welcome / Ham 163, 9000

Clouds in My Coffee

Bed and Breakfast

Clouds in my Coffee is unique in that it was the first to open a specialty coffee bar or lunch house in the Dampoort district. The building used to be an elementary school complete with a chapel which has since been renovated into a bed and breakfast. Since I live quite close to Sint Amandsberg, Clouds is a great alternative for when we want don’t want to go too far but still want to full brunch experience with a welcoming feel.
We’re not trying any hypes but choose to serve what we love ourselves. Latest extra on our menu is the Yugun Kambucha which seems to be a big hit. – Jan & Veva


(no longer open)

Fine dining soul food

Owner Marijn Agbarakwe wanted a name that would welcome people in the best way. Partage fittingly means ‘share’ in French.

He’s a young interior architect whose eye for style is displayed in an understated and classy at Partage. Marijn and chef Ben Stroobandt wanted to bring a sophisticated and European flair to comfort food normally associated with the southern US. They always had a passion for food and decided to bring something to Ghent that definitely didn’t exist before….soul food. Soul food here looks like fried chicken waffles, watermelon salad, mac n’ cheese, burrata tomato pesto waffles, and bubble waffles for dessert.

Just in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the shopping streets, Partage is perfect if you need a decadent break after a day out on the town.

We wanted a concept that would stand out, that would test the boundaries of Belgian cuisine as people know it in ghent. -Marijn



Brunch with a bridge viewbestbrunchgentminne

When it comes to neighborhood haunts, Minne is one of the most authentic family-run spots in the city. The restaurant is propped up on the hill facing the beautiful bridge just in front of the MIAT museum of Industrial heritage.

When the sun’s out, the first place I think of grabbing a seat outside on a terrace is Minne. It’s one of the most relaxing places to sit outside near the water and enjoy a delicious brunch spread on Sunday without the stress of making reservations way in advance. The owners are super friendly and put love into their food. But don’t worry if you don’t get an outside spot on the sidewalk, the inside is equally as inviting.

Facebook / Closed Saturday / Walk-Ins Welcome / 09 398 33 38 / Kongostraat 2, 9000


‘Follow Your Gut’

O’yo is another breakfast and vegan spot in the city located near Zuid. I love to go there when I need to get away from the city crowds and work because the space feels like a well-lit living room with cozy furniture. Yogurt lovers will appreciate their homemade yogurt and healthy, vegetal and tasty breakfasts and lunches: yogurt bowls, vegan and gluten-free pancakes, salads, toasts, kombucha, water kefir, coffee and vegan pastries.

Their moto is ‘follow your gut’, and what’s great at O’yo is that there’s no time limit on your cravings; you can enjoy whatever you like whenever you like. I mean, who doesn’t love some guilt-free pancakes for lunch?

The focus is on pure vegetable dishes and fermented food that makes you energetic and happy. -Phaedra

Facebook / Closed Wednesday / 09 310 79 29 / Brabantdam 82, 9000


Brunch out with the girls

Cocotine is part of the emerging trend of concept coffee bars popping up around the city, offering an experience and not just a meal. On Leithstraat just northeast of Ghent, Cocotine isn’t what you’d immediately expect for the area. Cosy corners fill the wide open space with plush couches, and purposeful pink and blue pastels touch adding to the colorful charm. Owner Ebru Palit says she started Cocotine as a passion project to merge her love of design, food, and community into one. She loved that the neighborhood feel of the area would add character to the place as opposed to being directly in the city center.

The brunch menu offers an assortment of fun and flavorful coffees, tasty toasts, quiches, and sweet desserts.

For the full article, visit here.

Facebook / Closed Monday / 0486 22 25 40 / Leithstraat 51, 9000

LeBrunch by Lebrun

Mother-daughter food affair

Lebrunch is the product of a sweet mother-daughter duo in Gentbrugge. Don’t expect an unimaginative brunch menu at Lebrunch. They change their menu every month to feature specialties like Eggs Benedict, Shakshuka, American Pancakes, Acai bowls, Bagels and more.
On Sunday’s there’s an extensive sweet and savory brunch buffet for 25 euros per person. Be quick though, reservations are a must and this cozy corner restaurant fills up fast.
We wanted something different, not just eggs, bread and croissant on the menu. We change our menu every month and on Sunday we offer a unique brunch buffet. -Ansofie
Read the full interview here.
Facebook / Closed Mondays & Saturdays / 0491 14 93 70 / Leo Tertzweillaan 3, 9050


Brunch off the Vridagmarkt

Barbiet is set in one of the most beautiful avenues in Ghent leading up to the Vridagmarket. You can get breakfast Tuesday through Saturday until noon. The fan favorite? Their fluffy and healthy pinda pancakes. The owners like to serve breakfast that’s a bit different from classic breakfasts. Some things may be inspired by them but you’ll find a fun twist on the traditional at Barbiet.
We like to serve breakfast we love eating ourselves and that are a bit different from classic breakfasts. Some things may be inspired by them but we like to give them a twist. – Christophe & Maxime
Exciting news: they’re working on a menu that people can choose from all day long (indeed, pancakes all day long!) Oh, and please, please try the cinnamon rolls.
Facebook / Closed Monday & Sunday / 0477 04 38 95 / Baudelostraat 3 9000

Frou Frou

Art deco deliciousness

Art deco lovers should come to bask in the gold and brilliant details at Frou Frou. This breakfast and lunch spot in De Muide isn’t in a conventional location, but that adds to the charm even more. Get out of the city center and venture out to this waterside dive. Upstairs you can rent out an equally beautiful art deco bed and breakfast, and at night you can have apero.

Sundays are for luxe brunch with a beautifully assembled mix of savory and sweet goodies.


Follie a Deux

A home oasis in the city

This is a spot you may not know about! Follie a Deux is set in a beautifully renovated home not far from Zuid. When you walk in from the peaceful street it feels like coming home. The two sisters and owners of Follie decided to turn their great grandmother’s home into this cozy restaurant. The best part? They have an outdoor seating area that feels like an oasis in this happening city. Come here for breakfast and you can enjoy classics like charcuterie, eggs, pastries, coffee and more!



Hangover brunch feast
WOEST is one of my favorite new spots in Ghent, but I’ve noticed not enough people know about its deliciousness, yet! It’s a large, spacious and beautifully decorated restaurant with a living room area, terrace, meeting rooms. Start your day at your own pace, in a calm and green setting.

“It is the match between all elements that make our concept succeed. The personal approach to every customer is decisive. Everything is negotiable, always with a sincere smile and joke. That is why we have built such a large fixed clientele in one year. People know that they are at home and soon say goodbye in the kitchen, they know us by name. Water and bread is always available free of charge. Is this commercial? We see it bigger and in our opinion, this definitely contributes to the friendly atmosphere we bring.

Anyone who comes to brunch with us will definitely get value for money. 25 € for buffet à volonté, with unlimited coffee, tea and water. And it’s something different every time. -Melissa

Facebook / Saturday Brunch – 25€ pp/ Closed Sunday / 09 278 07 78 / Drongensesteenweg 41, 9000


Vegan-friendly brunch buffet

Wald is a green atmosphere bar (greenterior bar) and the embodiment of cozy and conscious dining. You won’t find boring breakfast items here and the coffee is great coffee, too! Being near the station and schools has pushed them to be an early breakfast bar (7:30am). Vegans and veggies will find something here for them (vegan scrambled pancakes, eggs, coconut yogurt etc;). I love that they have such an inviting terrace, and the plants are also for sale; you might come for a meal but leave with some greenery or sun!
In addition to weekday brunch, on Sundays and holidays, you can enjoy a sumptuous brunch buffet.
People say its truly the best brunch-deal-offer in Ghent, it’s made from the heart, and we try to make it as complete as possible (viennoisserie, breads, toasts, homemade jams, good butter, delicious smoked fish, variety of meats and cheeses, homemade pizza, vegan pancakes, granola, fruits, yoghurt, salads…) – KiM

Facebook / Sunday & Sunday Brunch 25€ from March ’19 on / Closed Tuesday / 0486 310 729 / Dendermondsesteenweg 39/001, 9000

Little Things

This breakfast place is a bit off the beaten path but still super close to the city! Twin sisters Tibbe en Melia decided to channel their love for cooking, traveling, and art into their honest kitchen. Their worldly breakfast features American, French, English styles and but you can still customize your meal with delicious supplements. Little Things feature different artists every three months which explains the always different but beautiful interior.

A salad for breakfast? American pancakes for lunch? Here at Little Things, is everything possible. 


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