New in Town: Kin Khao

Kin Khao – “let’s eat”

Belgian native and Kin Khao owner Dominque Rongé didn’t just become inspired by Thailand on a trip, he actually lived there for 10 years. As a hospitality professional, he enjoyed some of the most beautiful destinations Thailand has to offer. It was also there that he met his partner and chef Santisuk Pakwan (Toffee).

After a decade of hospitality experience, the idea to return home to Belgium started to feel even more exotic to me than leaving for Thailand in the first place…

The gorgeous upstairs dining area at Kin Khao

Coming back couldn’t mean a return to the ordinary. Dominique craved an exciting job opportunity with room for creativity. The idea to start something grew, and after a year and a half as manager at elegant Hotel Reylof in Ghent, Dominique and Toffee went for their passion project.

Pad Pak (vegan)

The two admired the destinations and impeccable service know of Thailand, and Kin Khao truly reflects that. It’s a modern eatery in Ghent that, surprisingly, has been missing! Authentic and accessible Thai cuisine, leaving pretention at the door and serving real dishes without compromising quality or authenticity. Dominque says the quality of ingredients in some ways is even better than what you could find in Thailand. Everything here is homemade and reflects cuisines from all over Thailand, especially the Northeast. From Masaman Curry to well-known Pad Thai, the flavors are indeed flavorful and memorable, no need for drenching soy sauce over your dishes.

Their food philosophy:

 we’re trying to bring authentic and unpretentious Thai food to Ghent…real Thai food is homemade, affordable, and full of fresh ingredients and flavors.

The restaurant is only a week old, but Dominque is excited that the local Thai community has welcomed Kin Khao with open arms. Being on a small street near the Korenmarkt, soon tourists will start to flock as well.

As spicy as it is authentic

In Belgium, palates are less suited to spice, however, at Kin Khao spice lovers can take on the three chili challenge if they feel up to it. The dishes are made to match the spice level of the dishes are they’re served in Thailand, but patrons are welcome to request a spice tone down if it’s not for them.


Donkersteeg 23, 9000 Gent

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