#WanderWomen: Life in Abu Dhabi as a Black Expat

This week’s #WanderWoman is Helen, a Black expat life in Abu Dhabi. She’s traveling like a local and taking on challenges with grace and style. Read her story!

#WanderWomen: Slow Traveling The World With a Toddler

Jacquelyn is a single mother from the US who has ventured into expat life with her two year old toddler. She leads a life of professional and personal fulfillment one country at a time. Read her story!

#WanderWomen: Lifting Up Black Voices in the Expat Community

Christine is the creator of Flourish in the Foreign and is using her voice and platform to lift Black expat voices up around the world. She’s currently living in Spain and has advice for combating inequality and racism.

#WanderWomen: Finding the Missing Piece in America

Elke never quite connected with the culture in her native Belgium. She always had a love for the US and longed for an experience in the country of her dreams. Here’s her story!

#WanderWomen: 8 Years of Expat Life in the French Riviera

Imagine life in Nice on the French Riviera. What do you see? This week’s #WanderWomen talks idyllic and beautiful life in France as well as her newfound love for her home country. Read on!

#WanderWomen: An American Living the Parisian Dream

What does it take for someone to leave everything behind? To move to a new destination with a thousand unknowns, dive headfirst into starting over with a new culture, language, people, cuisine, novelty abound. It might look glamorous at times, but longterm life abroad isn’t without hardship or awkward adjustments; it’s also full of beautifulContinue reading “#WanderWomen: An American Living the Parisian Dream”

#WanderWomen: A Love & Divorce Coach Has Advice for Expat Couples

Katrin, a Love and Divorce coach in Brussels gives advice and tips for expat couples who want to make their love last no matter where in the world they end up together. Read on!

#WanderWomen: Thriving in 10 Countries as a Serial Expat & Mom

As an expat mom, Nina is proof you don’t have to slow down. She has three children and has called 10 countries home and and counting. Meet this week’s #WanderWomen.