100 Foreigners Share Their Belgian Love Experience

A few years ago, I wrote an article, 7 Things I’ve Learned About Loving a Belgian. The article picked up traction in a way that really surprised me. People’s messages and emails came pouring in; strangers took time to share their experiences with me with impressive candor and humor. Shortly after, I invited expat strangersContinue reading “100 Foreigners Share Their Belgian Love Experience”

Life in Switzerland and The Year That Was 2020

2020 is the year that so many people are thrilled to see go. I would say I’m also one of those people, but 2020 did bring something to our lives that no other year had before. Looking back on my last 2019 reflection, I’m stunned at the difference one year can make. Here’s a quickContinue reading “Life in Switzerland and The Year That Was 2020”

The Honest Truth About Homesickness as an Expat

It’s happened many times: I’m having a drink at a party and small-talking with new people when they ask about where I’m from and where I’ve been. Inevitably due is a question laced with a hint of concern. They pry politely and it’s cute how they almost whisper the question like it’s a secret. “Don’t…don’tContinue reading “The Honest Truth About Homesickness as an Expat”

Introducing The Hamlet of Winterschwil, Over 450 years in the Making

Step inside a 450 year Swiss hamlet with my collection of B&W photos.

#WanderWomen: Life in Abu Dhabi as a Black Expat

This week’s #WanderWoman is Helen, a Black expat life in Abu Dhabi. She’s traveling like a local and taking on challenges with grace and style. Read her story!

Through the Lens: Seeking Light, Seeking Stories

The dance between light and dark is one of the most fundamental – and most intriguing – elements of photography. It’s through the lens of this duality that I will be exploring some of Switzerland’s oldest and most intriguing buildings.

#WanderWomen: Lifting Up Black Voices in the Expat Community

Christine is the creator of Flourish in the Foreign and is using her voice and platform to lift Black expat voices up around the world. She’s currently living in Spain and has advice for combating inequality and racism.

#WanderWomen: Finding the Missing Piece in America

Elke never quite connected with the culture in her native Belgium. She always had a love for the US and longed for an experience in the country of her dreams. Here’s her story!

Insta-Travel Perfection Isn’t What the Travel Industry Needs. Authenticity and Storytelling Are.

As a travel writer and photographer, last year was heaven for me. I embarked on twelve hotel press trips in seven countries around Europe and Asia. As fantastic as it was, numerous trips to-and-from brand collaborations opened my eyes up to the state of mass travel. This time last year, I was booking trips onContinue reading “Insta-Travel Perfection Isn’t What the Travel Industry Needs. Authenticity and Storytelling Are.”