100 Foreigners Share Their Belgian Love Experience

A few years ago, I wrote an article, 7 Things I’ve Learned About Loving a Belgian. The article picked up traction in a way that really surprised me. People’s messages and emails came pouring in; strangers took time to share their experiences with me with impressive candor and humor. Shortly after, I invited expat strangersContinue reading “100 Foreigners Share Their Belgian Love Experience”

Hotel Review: Hotel Las Brisas, A Piece of Paradise on Ibiza

The plane lowered over jewel-colored water and a stunning old town. I was finally in Ibiza. It was the first truly hot and sunny day I had experienced so far this year. As my taxi drove through windy roads and a lemon tree-filled landscape, I couldn’t help but feel giddy at the spirit of thisContinue reading “Hotel Review: Hotel Las Brisas, A Piece of Paradise on Ibiza”

Thai Canvas Totes

Hey everyone! It’s the holiday season and I’m back home in Texas for an entire month. I brought some pretty amazing canvas totes back with me, and am so excited to announce that I’ll be selling these new Thai imports online as well. After spending time in Asia I’ve fallen in love with all the beautifulContinue reading “Thai Canvas Totes”