Hoi An Ancient Town: The Venice of the East

Hoi An is about one of the most charming cities I’ve ever seen. It was here that I realized Vietnam is one of my top three favorite countries in Asia. With its immaculately preserved buildings and history, this old trading port and UNESCO heritage site offers the perfect mix of foreign and local Asian influencesContinue reading “Hoi An Ancient Town: The Venice of the East”

The Road to Hoi An

On the back of a motorcycle and in the relentless August sun, we road 88 miles down to Hoi An from Hue with the help of Hue Riders. We loaded all of our luggage onto the backs of these bulky bikes in the morning and off we went – first sifting through the busy cityContinue reading “The Road to Hoi An”

Hue, Vietnam

Once known as the ancient capital of the feudal empire of Vietnam, Huế is a perfect sightseeing stop for history buffs and architectural enthusiasts alike. Think imperial cities, emperors, hidden tombs and religious serenity at the core of it all. During the Vietnam war, Huế was in a very vulnerable position due to its proximity toContinue reading “Hue, Vietnam”