New in Town: Comida

Burritos aren’t mexican!

As a Tex-Mexican living in Belgium, I’ve seen and visited my share of ‘Mexican’ food spots with high hopes. Usually, these places are fast food concepts consisting of burritos and uninspired nachos. Don’t get me wrong – burritos can be delicious, but they’re not really Mexican.

Fish & Beef tacos

As I talked to PROOF, Palenque, and Comida owner, I was relieved to hear her mirror my exact Mexican food sentiments.

We talked about the opening of Comida, and how it’s a passion project that owners Nikkie and Timon always knew would happen, just not exactly when. After the success of the opening of their tequila bar Palenque, the Latin community in Ghent and locals were still missing and craving delicious Mexican food. It turns out Nikkie and Timon were missing it, too. They always loved Mexico and its cuisine with fresh ingredients, and dynamic dishes, so the next step seemed simple.

our Food philosophy: we want to bring authentic mexican food (easy, fresh tacos) to the people of ghent. no tex mex here!

Comida’s taco concept encourages takeaway orders or eating next door at Palenque. Inside Comida itself, you’ll find a food truck vibe which is reflective of the Mexican food experience; an easy and fuss-free approach to getting fresh and street tacos hot off the plancha. The room is beautifully decorated with vibrant colors in the room next door to Palenque, and you’ll find Chilean chef Iñigo assembling the taquitos to order.

The options of beef, fish, and veggie tacos will change into new creations every few weeks. For example, right now you can order tacos al pastor and dory fish tacos in the size of 3, 6, or 9. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity and size of the tacos. Although they’re small, they pack a lip-tingling spice, a perfect mix of zest and vibrant flavor. I was super impressed at authentic the tacos were. But if you want to up your spice, there’s plenty of imported exotic salsas to choose from.

Something special on the menu to try? A Tlayuda, an iconic Oaxacan food snack similar to a quesadilla but made with a large crispy blue corn tortilla. Need your tacos on the go? Soon enough you can get these Mexican tacos via Ubereats!

Serpentstraat 28
Gent, Belgium 9000

Facebook //Thurs-Saturday // 6pm-11pm 

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