Visiting a 16th Century Vineyard in Frascati​, Italy

My Roman Wine Experience High above the hills of Rome, just twenty minutes outside of the capital, you’ll find the small town of Frascati. It’s a charming wine town with a strong aristocratic past and a reputation as a summer retreat for wealthy Romans. After one day of experiencing the stifling heat of the EternalContinue reading “Visiting a 16th Century Vineyard in Frascati​, Italy”

My First Airbnb Experience: Tasting Rome, Italy

During my study abroad days, I visited Rome a handful of times. Each time was bliss. I fell in love with the Eternal City for its history, its people, but also for how much Italians adore food. One of my favorite things to do there is people watch, watch locals digging into the delicious socialContinue reading “My First Airbnb Experience: Tasting Rome, Italy”

Secret Food Tours Review: Saint Germain des Pres, Paris

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you know that each arrondissement has its own charm, personality, and a treasure trove of cultural and culinary treats to offer anyone who’s looking for them. Different neighborhoods have different tastes and stories to tell which is why I try to join food tours in every major city IContinue reading “Secret Food Tours Review: Saint Germain des Pres, Paris”

36 Hours in Porto, Portugal

Hey readers! Almost exactly one month ago, I posted on Instagram Stories and asked my followers to choose my next trip in Europe. In an effort to create more useful travel content on this blog – and more engaging content at that! – I thought it would be a cool experiment to see if my audienceContinue reading “36 Hours in Porto, Portugal”

A Sweet Chat with Cuberdon Carl at the Belgian Artisinal Market

I was thrilled to have a chat with Ghent’s iconic ‘Cuberdon Carl’ not too long ago. Carl Demeestere and his trolley are a fixture in the city. He’s famous for selling his super sweet cuberdons or “Ghent noses”, a truly iconic sweet treat in Ghent. You might have even heard about ‘the little nose war’Continue reading “A Sweet Chat with Cuberdon Carl at the Belgian Artisinal Market”

Charlie Chocolate Tours in Ghent

We live Ghent, Belgium – a city that begs to be walked and taken in from the ground up. Its medieval cityscape oozes history, especially chocolate-making history. I wanted to get a taste of its fascinating chocolate making roots, so I was thrilled that Charlie Tours invited me to join them on a sunny afternoonContinue reading “Charlie Chocolate Tours in Ghent”

Amélie with Attitude: Catberry Cakes, Cookies and more

I recently had a nice chat with Amélie from Catberry Pastries! Amélie is the sweetest and she also happens to bake some of the sweetest vegan goods in Ghent. And honestly, our shared love of cats and cupcakes was even more reason to meet! I first noticed Amélie’s work via her Instagram which features herContinue reading “Amélie with Attitude: Catberry Cakes, Cookies and more”

20 of the Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Ghent!

Ghent is an amazing city for foodies to run wild. Luckily, my favorite meal of the day is having a big moment and there seem to be new places sprouting up every month! If you’re tired of wondering where to go in the city for a lovely morning meal, here’s a guide to help youContinue reading “20 of the Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Ghent!”

New in Town: Luv L’Oeuf

The all-day breakfast trend has been cooking across major cities in Europe like London, Berlin, and Amsterdam, but now it’s made its way to Ghent. Luv L’Oeuf is everything a delectable breakfast experience should be! The ‘clockless’ eating train is here, so If no one else Is doing it, why don’t we? – Jessica Dekkers I wasContinue reading “New in Town: Luv L’Oeuf”

Galerie Ganache, Ghent Belgium

When it comes to chocolate in Belgium, it takes a lot to impress my sweet tooth and palate. One chocolate-cafe caught my eye, though! Galerie Ganache has been around for some time in Ghent, located at the side of the staggering St. Bavo’s cathedral. This sleek shop is part gallery and part cafe-chocolate shop. It’sContinue reading “Galerie Ganache, Ghent Belgium”