New in Town: Luv L’Oeuf

The all-day breakfast trend has been cooking across major cities in Europe like London, Berlin, and Amsterdam, but now it’s made its way to Ghent. Luv L’Oeuf is everything a delectable breakfast experience should be!

The ‘clockless’ eating train is here, so If no one else Is doing it, why don’t we? – Jessica Dekkers

I was thrilled to visit what I think is one of the best breakfast spots in town! It’s not just a restaurant with breakfast on the menu, but all day breakfast items served in a stylish and beautiful spot in Nederkouter. The menu is just as lovely as the building – one of the last eight in town that’s still standing from the 16th century,

Owner Jessica and Lander’s love and business story started when they first met in Curacao. Over a decade later in the hospitality industry together, they started Luv L’Oeuf as an answer to their craving for delicious breakfast and brunch dining in the city. The menu reflects all the creativity and attention to detail that they’ve put into the experience as a whole.

You can order wonderfully indulgent and gorgeously presented breakfast favorites like:

*Berry Pancakes
*Brioche French Toast
*Full English Breakfast
*Huevos Rancheros

Fluffy and airy berry pancakes

Brioche French Toast

 Brie and Bacon Waffles

Luv L’Oeuf’s breakfast and brunch philosophy is simple: Jessica and Lander wanted to do something with eggs because, let’s face it: they’re versatile and delicious. On the menu, you can enjoy your eggs poached, fried, scrambled, and soft-boiled,

for breakfast, you should eat whatever you feel like, there are no rules.

Since Ghent is a green and conscious food environment, Luv L’Oeuf reflects that mindset. They offer Earth Water with 100% of their profits going to clean water projects. Eggs come from ‘happy’ chickens from a bio egg farm in Oostkamp.

There’s a change of palate happening. People in Flanders are going from sandwiches and soups to something different, The younger crowd is eating outside of the house more. It’s about the experience more than ever before.

As for drinks? The owners believe in a ‘Boozy Brunch’: they have the local gin spirits and homemade infused vodka to prove it (cucumber, rosemary, and chilis). Brunch favorites like Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas are on the menu, but you can also enjoy non-alcoholic drinks like coffee and dressed-up Freak Shakes.

Facebook Page


9:00am – 5:00pm


9:00am – 2:00pm

No reservations / No Cash


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