This Day Last Year: Lebanon in Photos

One of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, through my Fujifilm XT-1 27mm lens.

Berlin in Bloom: Germany’s Capital Through My Lens

Hey readers, Berlin has always been high on my travel list, but the timing to go never seemed right. The first few things that always came to mind — besides its undeniable place in history — were its gritty night life and alternative culture and art. This year as I started to look into designContinue reading “Berlin in Bloom: Germany’s Capital Through My Lens”

The Algarve, Portugal

Standing on the cliffs of Sagres was a breathtaking feeling. Watching the massive waves meet the coast, it was easy to see how people thought this was the end of the world. The most westerly tip of continental Europe is a staggering and rugged display of beauty, jutting out into the Atlantic as a surprisinglyContinue reading “The Algarve, Portugal”

European Road Trip: Two Weeks in Croatia

  One thing I love about living in Europe is that people savor their holidays. It’s an important part of life here and there’s no replacement for a good getaway. This year, after months of grey skies and cold weather in Belgium, the promise of sunbathing and exploring another country pulled me through my pre-summer funk.Continue reading “European Road Trip: Two Weeks in Croatia”

Tabarca, Spain

TABARCA  A Genoese Island in Spain Tabarca is a tiny island with such history and beauty. With only 70 registered inhabitants living there today, fishing and tourism drive its economy. During the peak season 2,000-3,000 visitors show up per day. It takes an hour and a half to see the whole island on foot, butContinue reading “Tabarca, Spain”

Venice, Italy

By night, I walked the narrow streets imagining what it could’ve been like before, taken back to a place and time hundreds of years ago. Just a best friend and a backpack stuffed with a week’s worth of clothing to keep me company, the sense of history and art was an amazing first step intoContinue reading “Venice, Italy”

Champagne, France

 After living in the City of Light for over a year at the time, I had to admit that the glittery sparkle of Paris had worn off un petit peu. My cousin and aunt’s visit was the perfect way to awaken my tourist eyes again there and beyond. They wanted to visit the Champagne province just northeastContinue reading “Champagne, France”