This Day Last Year: Lebanon in Photos

One of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, through my Fujifilm XT-1 27mm lens.

Looking Up: Striking Architecture Around The World

After seeing photos of famous cities empty and almost deserted as a result of halted travel lately, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite reason to travel, the best part of exploring any city. Architecture. Even when people aren’t around to fill streets or marvel at impressive landmarks, cities and their architecture remain. ArchitectureContinue reading “Looking Up: Striking Architecture Around The World”

Saying Au Revoir to Paris (Again)

Everywhere I went today I marveled at the eccentric, the fashionable, the strange. Paris is surprising that way. What can I say about the City of Light that hasn’t already been said? I could, like Hemingway, wax poetic about how the city is a moveable feast, how it’s a place that stays with me longContinue reading “Saying Au Revoir to Paris (Again)”

Berlin in Bloom: Germany’s Capital Through My Lens

Hey readers, Berlin has always been high on my travel list, but the timing to go never seemed right. The first few things that always came to mind — besides its undeniable place in history — were its gritty night life and alternative culture and art. This year as I started to look into designContinue reading “Berlin in Bloom: Germany’s Capital Through My Lens”

Hong Kong: The World’s Most Visited City

Few big cities in Asia have made my heart flutter like Hong Kong. We couldn’t have visited at a better time, either. It was cool, crisp weather and Chinese New Year festivities were under way. (I was so excited to wear a jacket!) It felt like the day before Christmas with people rushing out to getContinue reading “Hong Kong: The World’s Most Visited City”

George Town, Penang

George Town, Penang is a quirky show of Malaysia’s artistic and culinary pride. Ask anyone and they’ll say this city reigns supreme as far as street food and street art are concerned. The island may only be three hours from the Thai border, but it retains a character all its own, not to be mistaken withContinue reading “George Town, Penang”

Chiang Mai During Songkran Festival

this year we were lucky enough to find ourselves in the middle of Songkran craziness, and I’m happy to say we survived the World’s Biggest Water Fight. From April 13-15, the entirety of Thailand celebrates its New Year. Specifically, Chiang Mai is famous for celebrating its Songkran “Water Festival” with the biggest parade in the nation,Continue reading “Chiang Mai During Songkran Festival”