Insta-Travel Perfection Isn’t What the Travel Industry Needs. Authenticity and Storytelling Are.

As a travel writer and photographer, last year was heaven for me. I embarked on twelve hotel press trips in seven countries around Europe and Asia. As fantastic as it was, numerous trips to-and-from brand collaborations opened my eyes up to the state of mass travel. This time last year, I was booking trips onContinue reading “Insta-Travel Perfection Isn’t What the Travel Industry Needs. Authenticity and Storytelling Are.”

Looking Up: Striking Architecture Around The World

After seeing photos of famous cities empty and almost deserted as a result of halted travel lately, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite reason to travel, the best part of exploring any city. Architecture. Even when people aren’t around to fill streets or marvel at impressive landmarks, cities and their architecture remain. ArchitectureContinue reading “Looking Up: Striking Architecture Around The World”

Visiting a 16th Century Vineyard in Frascati​, Italy

My Roman Wine Experience High above the hills of Rome, just twenty minutes outside of the capital, you’ll find the small town of Frascati. It’s a charming wine town with a strong aristocratic past and a reputation as a summer retreat for wealthy Romans. After one day of experiencing the stifling heat of the EternalContinue reading “Visiting a 16th Century Vineyard in Frascati​, Italy”

The Algarve, Portugal

Standing on the cliffs of Sagres was a breathtaking feeling. Watching the massive waves meet the coast, it was easy to see how people thought this was the end of the world. The most westerly tip of continental Europe is a staggering and rugged display of beauty, jutting out into the Atlantic as a surprisinglyContinue reading “The Algarve, Portugal”

Man and Wife in Mexican Paraíso

After the amazing festivities and the joining of our families and friends was over, I was riding on a post-wedding high of overwhelming love and joy. Laurens and I were surrounded by friends and family from all over the world and we definitely felt the love in spades that week. It was such a momentous reliefContinue reading “Man and Wife in Mexican Paraíso”

Christmas and New Years in Sri Lanka

Spending the holidays in Sri Lanka was not at the front of my mind when thinking about where we coud spend Christmas or New Years. This was mostly because I didn’t know anything about this island country southeast of India. After some researching, it started to seem like the perfect destination. Trekking through lush jungle, surfing inContinue reading “Christmas and New Years in Sri Lanka”

Chiang Mai During Songkran Festival

this year we were lucky enough to find ourselves in the middle of Songkran craziness, and I’m happy to say we survived the World’s Biggest Water Fight. From April 13-15, the entirety of Thailand celebrates its New Year. Specifically, Chiang Mai is famous for celebrating its Songkran “Water Festival” with the biggest parade in the nation,Continue reading “Chiang Mai During Songkran Festival”

The Mona Lisa of SE Asia: Bayon Temple

After visiting just some of Angkor Wat’s monumental temples, it was quite a nice relief to see hundreds of mysterious smirks smiling down on us. I knew I couldn’t forget this temple. Against all suggestions, we visited around noon, the HOTTEST time of the day. It didn’t help that I was sick with the beginnings of theContinue reading “The Mona Lisa of SE Asia: Bayon Temple”