Hong Kong: The World’s Most Visited City

Few big cities in Asia have made my heart flutter like Hong Kong. We couldn’t have visited at a better time, either. It was cool, crisp weather and Chinese New Year festivities were under way. (I was so excited to wear a jacket!) It felt like the day before Christmas with people rushing out to getContinue reading “Hong Kong: The World’s Most Visited City”

Cameron Highlands: A Green Escape

There’s a place in Malaysia where vibrant green hills extend as far as the eye can see, and high altitudes and cooler temperatures lift the cumbersome tropical heat off your shoulders. In Malaysia, there’s no such thing as seasons, but this is as close to fall as you’re going to get; there’s respite from the searing,Continue reading “Cameron Highlands: A Green Escape”

The Mona Lisa of SE Asia: Bayon Temple

After visiting just some of Angkor Wat’s monumental temples, it was quite a nice relief to see hundreds of mysterious smirks smiling down on us. I knew I couldn’t forget this temple. Against all suggestions, we visited around noon, the HOTTEST time of the day. It didn’t help that I was sick with the beginnings of theContinue reading “The Mona Lisa of SE Asia: Bayon Temple”

Thai Canvas Totes

Hey everyone! It’s the holiday season and I’m back home in Texas for an entire month. I brought some pretty amazing canvas totes back with me, and am so excited to announce that I’ll be selling these new Thai imports online as well. After spending time in Asia I’ve fallen in love with all the beautifulContinue reading “Thai Canvas Totes”

Hoi An Ancient Town: The Venice of the East

Hoi An is about one of the most charming cities I’ve ever seen. It was here that I realized Vietnam is one of my top three favorite countries in Asia. With its immaculately preserved buildings and history, this old trading port and UNESCO heritage site offers the perfect mix of foreign and local Asian influencesContinue reading “Hoi An Ancient Town: The Venice of the East”

The Road to Hoi An

On the back of a motorcycle and in the relentless August sun, we road 88 miles down to Hoi An from Hue with the help of Hue Riders. We loaded all of our luggage onto the backs of these bulky bikes in the morning and off we went – first sifting through the busy cityContinue reading “The Road to Hoi An”

Hue, Vietnam

Once known as the ancient capital of the feudal empire of Vietnam, Huế is a perfect sightseeing stop for history buffs and architectural enthusiasts alike. Think imperial cities, emperors, hidden tombs and religious serenity at the core of it all. During the Vietnam war, Huế was in a very vulnerable position due to its proximity toContinue reading “Hue, Vietnam”