The Mona Lisa of SE Asia: Bayon Temple

After visiting just some of Angkor Wat’s monumental temples, it was quite a nice relief to see hundreds of mysterious smirks smiling down on us. I knew I couldn’t forget this temple. Against all suggestions, we visited around noon, the HOTTEST time of the day. It didn’t help that I was sick with the beginnings of theContinue reading “The Mona Lisa of SE Asia: Bayon Temple”

First Stop in Angkor Wat: Preah Khan

My first encounter with Angkor Wat was beyond mind-blowing, especially since I’ve always felt a strong connection to history and love experiencing cultures through their architecture. These temples aren’t just old buildings under restoration; they’re an amazing architectural feat of a once great Asian civilization. As for Angkor Wat in particular, I always knew it wouldContinue reading “First Stop in Angkor Wat: Preah Khan”

Ta Prohm: A Beautiful Ruinous Monument

It’s hard to imagine these amazing pieces of history and culture being neglected for centuries, but that’s exactly what happened to Ta Prohm. After being abandoned in the 15th century, Ta Prohm was left to fall into ruin, with only the jungle devouring it, giving it the awe-ispiring look that draws tourists today. What makesContinue reading “Ta Prohm: A Beautiful Ruinous Monument”

Borobudur: An awe-inspiring experience on Java

Waking up at 3 in the morning has never been so worth it. With an excited mind and heavy eyes, I crawled out of bed even beating the nearby Mosque’s loud-speaker morning prayer to the punch. In the dead of the morning not one car or person filled the streets of Yogya. The driver weContinue reading “Borobudur: An awe-inspiring experience on Java”