New in Town: Mexcalli – Pop-Up Mezcal Bar

Tacos, tastes, & flavors

It turns out even pop-ups can pop up again! Last year, the Mexican Mezcal pop-up bar debuted on Dampoortstraat and stuck around for three months. Now, Mexcalli is back in style, bigger than before and in a beautiful historical building just next to Mosquito Coast. For another three months, patrons can come enjoy fresh Mezcal & tequila cocktails while snacking on tasty finger foods, all just in time for summer.

It all started when Owners  Jef and Anissa took their honeymoon trip to Mexico. Once there, they fell in love with Mexican culture, food, and of course, spirits! Tequila and Mezcal intrigued them, as well as the patience and pride the locals showed when sharing and explaining each spirit.

Jef admits that tequila, as it’s typically drunk in Belgium, is less about savoring, and more about shots…

tequila in Belgium gets quite a bad rap. It’ comes along with a party image.

However, at Mexcalli, they want to offer tastings to uncover the subtleties and amazing flavors that Tequila and Mezcal offer. (Speaking of amazing flavors, their Paloma with tequila is an absolute favorite of mine!) There will be over 10 different Mezcals to experience and train your palate with.

As for food? This time around, there’s a little bit more on the menu like tender pulled pork taquitos, veggie chili tacos and Ceviche Sundays for fish lovers!

It’s impressive to see their new spacious spot and how beautifully and vibrantly it’s decorated! If you’re searching for sun, there’s a back terrace and seating in the front to enjoy your cocktails and tacos, as well as live music some nights.

The summer months look promising for Mexcalli! Locals are excited to have tacos and cocktails in the heart of the center – not to mention just in time for festival season. Whether you sit inside or out, the food and drinks are a delicious summer treat that the city will definitely miss once it’s gone!

Facebook // Hoogpoort 26 // Wed-Sun // 0495 44 61 12

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