Hi, I’m Monica! A twenty-something travel content creator.


My life hasn’t been the same since I left home to explore. Everyone says your twenties are the time to take risks, but after seeing predictable paths laid out, I had other ideas about what I needed to do to be fulfilled in life. Over the past five years, I’ve called France, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Belgium home. I currently live in Ghent with my Belgian husband and our Indonesian cat. We live year by year, unsure of our next destination, loving the change and taking in the adventure of it all.

Me and my Belgian honey tying the knot in Texas two years ago.

This site is for those who know traveling isn’t merely a vacation away from life but a way of life, an invigorating alternative to the mundane. Providing the curious traveler with honest and beautiful information about a place and its people, food and sights to revere, this is an eclectic place to draw motivation and inspiration in the form of photos and stories. These are the places that struck me most and kept the wanderlust coming. Living overseas is challenging and amazing; I want to show people that getting out there is not only possible but incredibly rewarding. This site is for those who can’t shake the need for adventure whether it be in their own backyard or oceans away, get an intimate look at what it’s like to call a foreign land home.

Monica, the traveling, photographing Texan:


My passion for film photography is what started it all.

I travel with an insatiable appetite for cultural gems and visually stunning images. In high school I had a passion for food photography and later discovered I should take up the hobby to photograph whatever I pleased. As I started to travel, my passion focused on street photography, getting up close and personal with subjects in different countries, which allowed me to experience the people and places more intimately. Traveling Asia has been the most rewarding in terms of photo opportunities; around every corner is an interesting story that’s dying to be told and shared. Some people collect souvenirs when they travel; I collect photos. I’ve recently learned to strike a balance between getting the perfect shot and just soaking it all in.

The flavor, coffee, and all-things-food addict:

Fotor0101816254I’m the kind of person who would rather have dessert than dinner. (My infatuation with chocolate might be to blame for that.) I grew up in the restaurant business with food permeating every aspect of my adolescence. I explore every country the only way I know how – tastebuds first. My favorite cuisine is Thai, but dessert has my heart; I’ve worked in chocolate making and am a dessert expert in my free time 😉

My travel content has been featured in ExpatGo Belgium, ExpatGo Malaysia, The Bulletin, Flanders Today, Ten Days in Paris, Visit Croatia, and Budapest Tourism Centre.

All photographs are my own, unless otherwise stated.