Hi, I’m Monica, expat traveler with a passion for travel and food.

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My life hasn’t been the same since I left home to explore seven years ago. Everyone says your twenties is the time to take risks so that’s exactly what I did. Over the past seven years, I’ve lived in France, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Belgium, visiting a total of 27 countries and counting. I live in France with my Belgian husband and our adopted Indonesian street cat. We never know exactly where we’ll end up next and that’s all part of the adventure.

A traveling, photographing Texan

I travel with an insatiable appetite for cultural gems, architecture, and visually stunning places. Once I started on my travel journey, my passion for street photography grew, allowing me to experience the people and places more intimately. Some people collect souvenirs when they travel; I collect photos.

A flavor, coffee, and all-things-food addict

Let me just say 
I’m someone who would rather have dessert than dinner. (My infatuation with chocolate might be to blame for that.) I grew up in the restaurant business with food permeating every aspect of my adolescence. Now I explore every country the only way I know how – taste buds first with a preference for sweets. 😉

My travel writing, photos and videos have been featured by Elle Belgium, Matador Network, Discoverer, ExpatGo Belgium, ExpatGo Malaysia, The Bulletin, Flanders Today, Ten Days in Paris, Visit Croatia, and Budapest Tourism Centre.

If you would like to collaborate on travel content, please reach out! I’m available for:

Press + Media Trips
Sponsored Instagram Posts
Sponsored Blog Posts
Content Creation
Editorial Opportunities
Social Media Consultation
Guest Posts


(All photographs are my own unless otherwise stated.)



  1. Franziska

    Hey are you not blogging anymore? Love the parts about Malaysia. My boyfriend is Malaysian and we are talking about moving there at some point. I absolutly love the country (and of course the food!).

    1. Monica

      Hi Franziska! I’ve since moved to Belgium, but am going to start blogging full-force again. If you move to Malaysia and need any tips, feel free to contact me on my email!

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