This Day Last Year: Lebanon in Photos

One of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, through my Fujifilm XT-1 27mm lens.

Looking Up: Striking Architecture Around The World

After seeing photos of famous cities empty and almost deserted as a result of halted travel lately, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite reason to travel, the best part of exploring any city. Architecture. Even when people aren’t around to fill streets or marvel at impressive landmarks, cities and their architecture remain. ArchitectureContinue reading “Looking Up: Striking Architecture Around The World”

Berlin in Bloom: Germany’s Capital Through My Lens

Hey readers, Berlin has always been high on my travel list, but the timing to go never seemed right. The first few things that always came to mind — besides its undeniable place in history — were its gritty night life and alternative culture and art. This year as I started to look into designContinue reading “Berlin in Bloom: Germany’s Capital Through My Lens”

The Algarve, Portugal

Standing on the cliffs of Sagres was a breathtaking feeling. Watching the massive waves meet the coast, it was easy to see how people thought this was the end of the world. The most westerly tip of continental Europe is a staggering and rugged display of beauty, jutting out into the Atlantic as a surprisinglyContinue reading “The Algarve, Portugal”

European Road Trip: Two Weeks in Croatia

  One thing I love about living in Europe is that people savor their holidays. It’s an important part of life here and there’s no replacement for a good getaway. This year, after months of grey skies and cold weather in Belgium, the promise of sunbathing and exploring another country pulled me through my pre-summer funk.Continue reading “European Road Trip: Two Weeks in Croatia”

Christmas and New Years in Sri Lanka

Spending the holidays in Sri Lanka was not at the front of my mind when thinking about where we coud spend Christmas or New Years. This was mostly because I didn’t know anything about this island country southeast of India. After some researching, it started to seem like the perfect destination. Trekking through lush jungle, surfing inContinue reading “Christmas and New Years in Sri Lanka”

George Town, Penang

George Town, Penang is a quirky show of Malaysia’s artistic and culinary pride. Ask anyone and they’ll say this city reigns supreme as far as street food and street art are concerned. The island may only be three hours from the Thai border, but it retains a character all its own, not to be mistaken withContinue reading “George Town, Penang”

Cameron Highlands: A Green Escape

There’s a place in Malaysia where vibrant green hills extend as far as the eye can see, and high altitudes and cooler temperatures lift the cumbersome tropical heat off your shoulders. In Malaysia, there’s no such thing as seasons, but this is as close to fall as you’re going to get; there’s respite from the searing,Continue reading “Cameron Highlands: A Green Escape”