George Town, Penang

George Town, Penang is a quirky show of Malaysia’s artistic and culinary pride. Ask anyone and they’ll say this city reigns supreme as far as street food and street art are concerned. The island may only be three hours from the Thai border, but it retains a character all its own, not to be mistaken withContinue reading “George Town, Penang”

Cameron Highlands: A Green Escape

There’s a place in Malaysia where vibrant green hills extend as far as the eye can see, and high altitudes and cooler temperatures lift the cumbersome tropical heat off your shoulders. In Malaysia, there’s no such thing as seasons, but this is as close to fall as you’re going to get; there’s respite from the searing,Continue reading “Cameron Highlands: A Green Escape”

Tioman Island, Malaysia

Stepping off the boat and onto the long pier resembles something out of Jurassic Park scene. The inpenetrable jungle emerges almost immediately out of the sand, with its stunning natural features hinting at a fantastical world lurking beyond. Beautiful clear water crashes up against monstrous granite rocks, with the backdrop of impressive limestone cliffs juttingContinue reading “Tioman Island, Malaysia”

Malaysia, Where We’re All Food Fanatics

It’s a funny thing being in a country like Malaysia. People here love food. It’s said that Malaysians live to eat, not the other way around. Most countries have a specific food culture, some stronger than others and some better than others, but Malaysia really walks the walk when it comes to food pride. Here, everyone gushes about the diverse cuisineContinue reading “Malaysia, Where We’re All Food Fanatics”

The Healing Touch of the Blind

We finally arrive by taxi to the place I’ve been waiting to try all weekend. A sign for blind massage points up to a narrow staircase; the building’s exterior has seen years of heat and rain in this Little India neighborhood called Brickfields. The exterior is fooling, but what’s inside is more than worth theContinue reading “The Healing Touch of the Blind”