Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech was one of the first places that really incited my wanderlust. Halfway around the world on a study abroad semester, I was like most young wide-eyed backpackers, soaking it all up and taking it all in, expecting the best time of my life with each budget airline I boarded. The floodgates of curiosity opened,Continue reading “Marrakech, Morocco”

The Healing Touch of the Blind

We finally arrive by taxi to the place I’ve been waiting to try all weekend. A sign for blind massage points up to a narrow staircase; the building’s exterior has seen years of heat and rain in this Little India neighborhood called Brickfields. The exterior is fooling, but what’s inside is more than worth theContinue reading “The Healing Touch of the Blind”


I‘ve watched the years roll by in Spain, Italy, France and now Indonesia. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel every birthday since my 22nd. As luck would have it, this year continued the tradition of being away from home and getting to age adventurously. My 25th birthday weekend was heavenly and gave me more thanContinue reading “Bunaken”

Bira Beach, Indonesia

Despite its obvious beauty, most people don’t just stumble upon Bira as their main destination when looking for paradise. There’s a couple reasons for that. First, it’s four hours away form a big city like Makassar and actually, most foreigners in Makassar are just stopping through before getting to places like Bali, Toraja or Manado.Continue reading “Bira Beach, Indonesia”

Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok is the less bragged about of the islands in Indonesia, and I can’t figure out why. In my opinion, it has the potential to surpass Bali’s appeal in the coming years if people take notice accordingly. The persisting culture of the indigenous Sasak people, unspoiled beauty, pristine beaches, waterfalls, active Mount Rinjani volcano andContinue reading “Lombok, Indonesia”

Sanur, Bali: A Perfect Place to Wind Down

Visiting Bali and wanting to stay in the hotel room the whole time seems totally wrong, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out some cities in Bali warrant just that. What if the water and sun came to you, just a jump away from the sofa and two steps from your bed? In Sanur, my dreamsContinue reading “Sanur, Bali: A Perfect Place to Wind Down”