Bukit Peninsula, Bali

I don’t throw the word “paradise” around easily, but that’s what this side of Bali looks like with its white sand beaches and dramatic limestone cliff features. With a motorbike and no plans, we traveled up and down Bali’s most southern coast in search of some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Sure, SeminyakContinue reading “Bukit Peninsula, Bali”

Ubud, Bali: Pamper Yourself Body and Soul

Relaxed and settled in, breathing in the Balinese air, right as my thoughts started to clear away, I heard a rather strange cacophony of sounds coming from a microphone on the other side of the wall. Was someone crying on a mic? It sounded like a man’s voice, amplified yet emotional, followed by an uproarContinue reading “Ubud, Bali: Pamper Yourself Body and Soul”

Sanur, Bali: A Perfect Place to Wind Down

Visiting Bali and wanting to stay in the hotel room the whole time seems totally wrong, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out some cities in Bali warrant just that. What if the water and sun came to you, just a jump away from the sofa and two steps from your bed? In Sanur, my dreamsContinue reading “Sanur, Bali: A Perfect Place to Wind Down”