Where do we go from here? Location Uncertainty as an Expat Couple

A transnational marriage presents logistical challenges in and of itself, so how do we, as a young newlywed couple, reconcile mystery destinations with wanting some semblance of a normal life and roots abroad? Anticipation meets bittersweet nerves, and like twice before, we’ll be leaving the foreign country that we’ve gotten to call home. This timeContinue reading “Where do we go from here? Location Uncertainty as an Expat Couple”

The Road to Hoi An

On the back of a motorcycle and in the relentless August sun, we road 88 miles down to Hoi An from Hue with the help of Hue Riders. We loaded all of our luggage onto the backs of these bulky bikes in the morning and off we went – first sifting through the busy cityContinue reading “The Road to Hoi An”

American Meets Belgian: Une Histoire D’Amour

Being engaged is great. In fact, it’s a sort of comfort and simultaneous excitement I didn’t think possible. I once looked at my Facebook newsfeed in disbelief at how everyone I knew from elementary was getting married and having babies. Weren’t we just graduating from college? Maybe you can relate to the feeling. It wasContinue reading “American Meets Belgian: Une Histoire D’Amour”

A Twenty Something’s Tale: Faking and Making It In Paris

It wasn’t the first time an American ventured to Paris with high hopes and romantic dreams. The poetic longing for the world’s most romantic, picturesque city brought more aspiring individuals to its door before than me. Nearly a year and a half ago, I left the City of Light for Asia and nostalgia sets inContinue reading “A Twenty Something’s Tale: Faking and Making It In Paris”

Bangkok By Accident

“You’re flight no longer exists,” isn’t something you want to hear one hour before boarding your flight to New Year’s in Thailand. But as luck would have it, that’s exactly what we heard and that was exactly the case. And just like that, in Manila’s airport with no hotel plans, we took a detour toContinue reading “Bangkok By Accident”

Ubud, Bali: Pamper Yourself Body and Soul

Relaxed and settled in, breathing in the Balinese air, right as my thoughts started to clear away, I heard a rather strange cacophony of sounds coming from a microphone on the other side of the wall. Was someone crying on a mic? It sounded like a man’s voice, amplified yet emotional, followed by an uproarContinue reading “Ubud, Bali: Pamper Yourself Body and Soul”

Makassar: An American’s Culture Shock in Indonesia

They say home is where you make it (I wrote this originally in 2013. I’ve been back since then and must say a lot has changed in Makassar and that the general infrastructure of the city is much better.) Most humans are creatures of habit. When presented with the option, most of us will grabContinue reading “Makassar: An American’s Culture Shock in Indonesia”

Tana Toraja, Indonesia

The sweet smell of blood hung in the extremely dense, humid air. Rain fell sporadicly and the next shower was upon us. Sludgy mud welcomed us as we approached the ceremony heavy footed. I felt out-of-place and unsure of what to expect; Funerals aren’t comfortable even when you are invited, so imposing on this oneContinue reading “Tana Toraja, Indonesia”