New in Town: Hoeked Doughnuts


It’s hard to think of a time I’ve seen a doughnut concept so hip, fresh and delicious in Belgium as Hoeked.

They’re not your typical circular round doughy pieces of heaven, they have a little corner, or as they say in Dutch, a hoek.

After decades as a baker in Antwerp, Joris Verschelde and his partner Caroline noticed how fast their doughnuts flew out from behind the display case. It was then that they decided to change directions and go for something different, something delicious and still in the baking world. What would come next was an inventive take on a classic dessert complete with a cute wink and nod.

Lucky for Ghent, Hoeked has set up a pop-up in front of the Groentenmarkt, situated in front of the smallest bar in Ghent. It’s hard to miss their eye-catching white, pink, and gold banner!

Joris has his secret recipes for these delicious doughnuts described as “brioche-inspired mixtures with spelt & multigrain”. At their Antwerp location, you can taste up to 25 different flavors, and currently, in Ghent you can enjoy four flavors at their pop-up: Lemon Glaze, Vegan Cinnamon, Chocolate,  and Raspberry Marshmallow. I am crazy about the Lemon Glaze!

Good news for dessert lovers who have gotten hooked on Hoeked. This popular doughnut shop will soon call Ghent home, too! Their shop will have a full-doughnut station in the Belgian Artisanal Market (BAM) this coming September in the same location as the Gentse-Feesten pop-up.

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