Chiang Mai During Songkran Festival

this year we were lucky enough to find ourselves in the middle of Songkran craziness, and I’m happy to say we survived the World’s Biggest Water Fight. From April 13-15, the entirety of Thailand celebrates its New Year. Specifically, Chiang Mai is famous for celebrating its Songkran “Water Festival” with the biggest parade in the nation,Continue reading “Chiang Mai During Songkran Festival”

Back to Bangkok

DAMNERNSADUAK FLOATING MARKET: Getting to this market is half the adventure; Huge monitor lizards laze around houses on stilts, pythons are used as a tourist attraction and vendors charm their way into your wallet. All the while, you don’t even have to get off your boat! MAEKLONG STATION: One of the largest fresh seafood marketsContinue reading “Back to Bangkok”

Wishes Come True on Ko Lanta

If you want it badly enough, the wind will grasp your wish and take it up into the night. Khoom Loy as they’re called in Thai, or wish lanterns, carry the bad luck and misfortunes away with them into the sky. What a breathtaking backdrop to our New Year’s evening. As we dined with the sand between our toes, beachContinue reading “Wishes Come True on Ko Lanta”

Bangkok By Accident

“You’re flight no longer exists,” isn’t something you want to hear one hour before boarding your flight to New Year’s in Thailand. But as luck would have it, that’s exactly what we heard and that was exactly the case. And just like that, in Manila’s airport with no hotel plans, we took a detour toContinue reading “Bangkok By Accident”