World Architecture

Hi! My name is Monica.

I’m a born observer and world traveler based in Zurich, Switzerland. After graduating from university back in the US, I moved to Paris, France to follow my creative dreams of writing and photography through the lens of travel. I never turned back and since 2011, I have lived in eight countries in the US, Europe, and Asia. My wealth of travel experience has lended itself to sharpening my craft and intensifying my admiration for visual images both digital and analog.

My photography style is warm, vibrant, and candid. I love to capture stunning design and architecture at hotels and restaurants around the world. Mostly? I’m fascinated by the artistry of interior design and how it works to create an inviting atmosphere and mood through the use of unique colors, shapes, textures, and bespoke spaces.

I would love to shoot for your hotel or restaurant, so please reach out with any questions you have!

Curious about how we can work together? Let’s get in touch:

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