Social Media Jumpstarted My Wanderlust and GG Journey

From a very young age, I reveled in the power of words and images but never realized writing and photography could connect the dots for me in a life full of geographical twists and turns. By leaving home to find out what force was pulling me to move overseas, I was already starting to live out my purpose.Continue reading “Social Media Jumpstarted My Wanderlust and GG Journey”

The Mona Lisa of SE Asia: Bayon Temple

After visiting just some of Angkor Wat’s monumental temples, it was quite a nice relief to see hundreds of mysterious smirks smiling down on us. I knew I couldn’t forget this temple. Against all suggestions, we visited around noon, the HOTTEST time of the day. It didn’t help that I was sick with the beginnings of theContinue reading “The Mona Lisa of SE Asia: Bayon Temple”

Living A Purposely Mindful Life

“Time is This Rubbery Thing”- David Eagleman I‘ve been thinking a lot about my life experiences now that I’m on the other side of 25, I realize that time is a rubbery thing. I always get that how did that happen feeling when I look at childhood photos like these. Glimpses of my precocious tomboyContinue reading “Living A Purposely Mindful Life”

Thai Canvas Totes

Hey everyone! It’s the holiday season and I’m back home in Texas for an entire month. I brought some pretty amazing canvas totes back with me, and am so excited to announce that I’ll be selling these new Thai imports online as well. After spending time in Asia I’ve fallen in love with all the beautifulContinue reading “Thai Canvas Totes”

The Road to Hoi An

On the back of a motorcycle and in the relentless August sun, we road 88 miles down to Hoi An from Hue with the help of Hue Riders. We loaded all of our luggage onto the backs of these bulky bikes in the morning and off we went – first sifting through the busy cityContinue reading “The Road to Hoi An”

American Meets Belgian: Une Histoire D’Amour

Being engaged is great. In fact, it’s a sort of comfort and simultaneous excitement I didn’t think possible. I once looked at my Facebook newsfeed in disbelief at how everyone I knew from elementary was getting married and having babies. Weren’t we just graduating from college? Maybe you can relate to the feeling. It wasContinue reading “American Meets Belgian: Une Histoire D’Amour”

The City of Angels

Los Angeles, like other great global cities, rouses a certain kind of swanky grandeur in people’s minds. There’s a palpable pulsing energy of perfection, aspiration and possibility in the City of Angels…Basking amongst the opulence and laid back So-Cal vibe is half the fun. As I walked 5 miles from West Hollywood to the ritzy BeverlyContinue reading “The City of Angels”

The Bittersweet Bon-Voyage: The Coming and Goings of a Young Expat

Once my mom gave way to her sadness, my reaction was inevitable and overcame me like an immersive hot flash. The twitching feeling in my lips, the hot tears welling up and reddening cheeks. I turned away quickly before they could see me fray into a blubbering mess. I kept myself composed, said a simpleContinue reading “The Bittersweet Bon-Voyage: The Coming and Goings of a Young Expat”