Best Brunch and Brews in Johor Bahru

It only felt natural to write an article about the loveliest coffee shops in JB since I spent so much time trying them out in our two years here! They were local sanctuaries for me as I worked as a freelancer and needed to find beautiful, creative places to write; there was never a shortage of greatContinue reading “Best Brunch and Brews in Johor Bahru”

10 Best Concept Restaurants in Johor Bahru

as a major restaurant enthusiast, I must admit I was a bit disappointed when we moved to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Going out to eat is one of my favorite ways to experience a new city, but the food scene didn’t excite me at all. As I spent time getting to know JB and exploring it, IContinue reading “10 Best Concept Restaurants in Johor Bahru”

From Rice to Frites: Saying Bye to Asia

As I type this post, I feel rather reflective. It’s easy to fall into the sap trap so I’ll try my best not to do that. Processing this move is something I knew I’d have to do, but sitting down to write about it always makes it feel more real. Talk about a countdown: We’re moving to BELGIUMContinue reading “From Rice to Frites: Saying Bye to Asia”

Malaysia, Where We’re All Food Fanatics

It’s a funny thing being in a country like Malaysia. People here love food. It’s said that Malaysians live to eat, not the other way around. Most countries have a specific food culture, some stronger than others and some better than others, but Malaysia really walks the walk when it comes to food pride. Here, everyone gushes about the diverse cuisineContinue reading “Malaysia, Where We’re All Food Fanatics”

A New Life, A New Start in Malaysia

People have mistaken me for being Asian more times than I can count. Maybe it was meant to be that I’d end up here on this side of the world, but I’ve always been drawn to Asian food and culture, never dreaming that living here would be remotely possible. Now I call Malaysia home, andContinue reading “A New Life, A New Start in Malaysia”

The Bittersweet Bon-Voyage: The Coming and Goings of a Young Expat

Once my mom gave way to her sadness, my reaction was inevitable and overcame me like an immersive hot flash. The twitching feeling in my lips, the hot tears welling up and reddening cheeks. I turned away quickly before they could see me fray into a blubbering mess. I kept myself composed, said a simpleContinue reading “The Bittersweet Bon-Voyage: The Coming and Goings of a Young Expat”