The Honest Truth About Homesickness as an Expat

It’s happened many times: I’m having a drink at a party and small-talking with new people when they ask about where I’m from and where I’ve been. Inevitably due is a question laced with a hint of concern. They pry politely and it’s cute how they almost whisper the question like it’s a secret. “Don’t…don’tContinue reading “The Honest Truth About Homesickness as an Expat”

Living A Purposely Mindful Life

“Time is This Rubbery Thing”- David Eagleman I‘ve been thinking a lot about my life experiences now that I’m on the other side of 25, I realize that time is a rubbery thing. I always get that how did that happen feeling when I look at childhood photos like these. Glimpses of my precocious tomboyContinue reading “Living A Purposely Mindful Life”