A Twenty Something’s Tale: Faking and Making It In Paris

It wasn’t the first time an American ventured to Paris with high hopes and romantic dreams. The poetic longing for the world’s most romantic, picturesque city brought more aspiring individuals to its door before than me. Nearly a year and a half ago, I left the City of Light for Asia and nostalgia sets inContinue reading “A Twenty Something’s Tale: Faking and Making It In Paris”

Makassar: An American’s Culture Shock in Indonesia

They say home is where you make it (I wrote this originally in 2013. I’ve been back since then and must say a lot has changed in Makassar and that the general infrastructure of the city is much better.) Most humans are creatures of habit. When presented with the option, most of us will grabContinue reading “Makassar: An American’s Culture Shock in Indonesia”