Sanur, Bali: A Perfect Place to Wind Down


Visiting Bali and wanting to stay in the hotel room the whole time seems totally wrong, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out some cities in Bali warrant just that. What if the water and sun came to you, just a jump away from the sofa and two steps from your bed? In Sanur, my dreams for lazy lounging came true.

Our private pool at Puri Hiromi.

Sanur was the last leg of our vacation in August 2013 and it was a perfect way to wind down before heading back to Makassar. After searching for the right accommodation, we couldn’t imagine passing up on Puri Hiromi’s hotel room complete with a private pool inside. In the end, we really didn’t leave much to explore. Let me be honest, though: Sanur is not my favorite Balinese spot by any means and we only spent a short time there. There’s so much to compete with on an island this stunning, so choosing a place to relax is more involved than you’d expect.

So what do you want out of your Balinese vacation? Sanur offers relaxation, calm, and great food, although not a huge range of choices. Not the most beautiful or most lively of destinations, Sanur leads with stunning hotels, nice strolls along the promenade lining the coast, and a family-friendly vibe. With a more sleepy, toned down personality, Sanur still offers luxury and beauty, but on a more modest scale.


 It’s not a thriving nightlife place and the water isn’t stunningly great, but for beginning surfers, this is the place to try. Overall, Sanur is a chill, family-friendly spot.

The food is its strength and Charmings, and Indonesian French bistro is an upscale fusion experience you’d be sad to miss. A four-piece band complete with drums, violin, upright bass, and guitar serenaded tables and eventually us with my favorite song, “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young. I couldn’t decide which was more delicious, my duck confit on a bed of buttered vegetables, or the personal, musical moment with these charming Balinese musicians. The caliber of cuisine is just as great here as it is in say, Seminyak or Ubud.

One of the perks of Sanur? The food!
One of the perks of Sanur? The food! Top left clockwise: Tuna Steak, Lamb Shank Balinese style, Pumpkin Soup, and table sideband.

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