First Stop in Angkor Wat: Preah Khan

My first encounter with Angkor Wat was beyond mind-blowing, especially since I’ve always felt a strong connection to history and love experiencing cultures through their architecture. These temples aren’t just old buildings under restoration; they’re an amazing architectural feat of a once great Asian civilization. As for Angkor Wat in particular, I always knew it wouldContinue reading “First Stop in Angkor Wat: Preah Khan”

Ta Prohm: A Beautiful Ruinous Monument

It’s hard to imagine these amazing pieces of history and culture being neglected for centuries, but that’s exactly what happened to Ta Prohm. After being abandoned in the 15th century, Ta Prohm was left to fall into ruin, with only the jungle devouring it, giving it the awe-ispiring look that draws tourists today. What makesContinue reading “Ta Prohm: A Beautiful Ruinous Monument”

Hue, Vietnam

Once known as the ancient capital of the feudal empire of Vietnam, Huế is a perfect sightseeing stop for history buffs and architectural enthusiasts alike. Think imperial cities, emperors, hidden tombs and religious serenity at the core of it all. During the Vietnam war, Huế was in a very vulnerable position due to its proximity toContinue reading “Hue, Vietnam”

Champagne, France

 After living in the City of Light for over a year at the time, I had to admit that the glittery sparkle of Paris had worn off un petit peu. My cousin and aunt’s visit was the perfect way to awaken my tourist eyes again there and beyond. They wanted to visit the Champagne province just northeastContinue reading “Champagne, France”