Back to Bangkok

DAMNERNSADUAK FLOATING MARKET: Getting to this market is half the adventure; Huge monitor lizards laze around houses on stilts, pythons are used as a tourist attraction and vendors charm their way into your wallet. All the while, you don’t even have to get off your boat! MAEKLONG STATION: One of the largest fresh seafood marketsContinue reading “Back to Bangkok”

Tioman Island, Malaysia

Stepping off the boat and onto the long pier resembles something out of Jurassic Park scene. The inpenetrable jungle emerges almost immediately out of the sand, with its stunning natural features hinting at a fantastical world lurking beyond. Beautiful clear water crashes up against monstrous granite rocks, with the backdrop of impressive limestone cliffs juttingContinue reading “Tioman Island, Malaysia”

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech was one of the first places that really incited my wanderlust. Halfway around the world on a study abroad semester, I was like most young wide-eyed backpackers, soaking it all up and taking it all in, expecting the best time of my life with each budget airline I boarded. The floodgates of curiosity opened,Continue reading “Marrakech, Morocco”

Venice, Italy

By night, I walked the narrow streets imagining what it could’ve been like before, taken back to a place and time hundreds of years ago. Just a best friend and a backpack stuffed with a week’s worth of clothing to keep me company, the sense of history and art was an amazing first step intoContinue reading “Venice, Italy”

The City of Angels

Los Angeles, like other great global cities, rouses a certain kind of swanky grandeur in people’s minds. There’s a palpable pulsing energy of perfection, aspiration and possibility in the City of Angels…Basking amongst the opulence and laid back So-Cal vibe is half the fun. As I walked 5 miles from West Hollywood to the ritzy BeverlyContinue reading “The City of Angels”

Seminyak, Bali

    The morning breaks and the city gives way to yet another day, slowly and calmly. Balinese women place handmade offerings dutifully and gracefully in front of their shops, intersections, construction sites, even Circle K’s; it’s their offering to the gods to please and appease. That’s the Balinese vibe. Tourists come to discover traditionContinue reading “Seminyak, Bali”