Paris by Film

The following photos were shot with my film Canon Ae-1 camera that I bought in Texas after years of searching for a working model.

The beauty of Paris was often a spectacle I couldn’t believe and the winter I arrived is still fresh in my mind. As I got used to the surroundings, I never forgot that hazy magic that welcomed me there in the first place. Film has the amazing ability to transport you to a place digital just can’t.


Place des Vosges at sunset.
Place des Vosges in Winter
A couple at Place des Vosges.
The view of my first apartment in Paris. Boulevard Gouvion-Saint-Cyr.
My favorite place in Paris: Place des Vosges.
At the amazing Versailles.
Me at Versailles
A fountain at Versailles.
A fountain at Versailles.
Laurens on a row boat at Versailles.
Laurens at my Montmarte apartment.
A restaurant owner after I interviewed him.
Friends at my favorite Italian restaurant.
A french waiter at the Italian restaurant.
My friend Michael.
Père Lachaise Cemetery.
Broken window at Père Lachaise Cemetery.
Père Lachaise Cemetery.
Père Lachaise Cemetery
Père Lachaise Cemetery.






3 responses to “Paris by Film”

  1. Hi Monica,
    I am so happy I came across your website. We briefly got to be friends at Texas A&M before your big move to France! I remember meeting you just before your study abroad and then you coming back ,for I think what was the last semester, before graduation. I remember you saying how you had decided to move to France and I was so excited and happy for your big and new adventures but also being sad to lose a new friend! I am not sure how we lost contact along the way but I too have been traveling over the past several years and was recently in France in October and while in Paris started to think of you and thought ” this is why she made the move!” and wondering how you were doing . I was browsering through my Pinterest today, as I plan my next trip, and saw you on my list and clicked on your website link! Wow !! You have been busy having fun and that is so so so awesome! I see we still have much in common being that we enjoy traveling, photography , chocolate, and food!

    • Hey Briana! Where have you been traveling?! I’m so glad you reached out! It’s so good to hear from you. If you ever come to Paris let me know – it would awesome to meet up!

      • I have been to
        Argentina: Buenos Aires and Mendoza .
        Peru: Lima, Puerto Maldonado , Cusco , Aguas Calientes , Arequipa.
        India: New Deli , Mumbia, Goa, Kochi, Agra.
        Thailand : Bangkok, Krabi, Phi phi islands, Phuket island .
        France : Paris, Bayeux, Mont Sainr Michel, Colmar, Marseille .
        Our next trip is next month to Japan : Tokyo and Kyoto followed my Puerto Vallarta in June.
        Of course I have my list of places in the states too. My husband grew up in Trinidad and Cairo with lots of traveling growing up ; his list is pretty much every country .
        I can’t wait to go back to France again !

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