Visiting a 16th Century Vineyard in Frascati​, Italy

My Roman Wine Experience High above the hills of Rome, just twenty minutes outside of the capital, you’ll find the small town of Frascati. It’s a charming wine town with a strong aristocratic past and a reputation as a summer retreat for wealthy Romans. After one day of experiencing the stifling heat of the EternalContinue reading “Visiting a 16th Century Vineyard in Frascati​, Italy”

My First Airbnb Experience: Tasting Rome, Italy

During my study abroad days, I visited Rome a handful of times. Each time was bliss. I fell in love with the Eternal City for its history, its people, but also for how much Italians adore food. One of my favorite things to do there is people watch, watch locals digging into the delicious socialContinue reading “My First Airbnb Experience: Tasting Rome, Italy”