New in Town: Luv L’Oeuf

The all-day breakfast trend has been cooking across major cities in Europe like London, Berlin, and Amsterdam, but now it’s made its way to Ghent. Luv L’Oeuf is everything a delectable breakfast experience should be! The ‘clockless’ eating train is here, so If no one else Is doing it, why don’t we? – Jessica Dekkers I wasContinue reading “New in Town: Luv L’Oeuf”

New in Town: Taco Santo

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Anyone who’s been to Mexico and eaten at a taquería knows that there it’s all about the taco. A taquería, in the traditional sense, is a place for friends and family, with the charm and feeling that you’re deep in someone’s kitchen; music filling up the room, festive decor, andContinue reading “New in Town: Taco Santo”

New in Town: Broesse

Couple Brent Delhaye and Celine Vandenberghe have opened a lush plant café just in time for summer! Yes, a plant shop and café all-in-one. Naturally, because I heard there was coffee there I had to go. How did it all start? After years of cultivating their passion for plants in their own living room, Brent andContinue reading “New in Town: Broesse”

New in Town: Comida

…Burritos aren’t mexican! As a Tex-Mexican living in Belgium, I’ve seen and visited my share of ‘Mexican’ food spots with high hopes. Usually, these places are fast food concepts consisting of burritos and uninspired nachos. Don’t get me wrong – burritos can be delicious, but they’re not really Mexican. As I talked to PROOF, Palenque,Continue reading “New in Town: Comida”

New in Town: Gu-í

There’s a new plant-based concept in town! When you’re craving a refreshing fruity smoothie bowl on the go, think about Gu-í! I recently had a chat with Svante Renneboog about the inspiration behind this new healthy locale up the hill on near the Vooruit. Her cozy, Scandinavian designed spot really encourages take-away but is also good forContinue reading “New in Town: Gu-í”