New in Town: Hoeked Doughnuts

GET HOEKED ON HOEKED DOUGHNUTS It’s hard to think of a time I’ve seen a doughnut concept so hip, fresh and delicious in Belgium as Hoeked. They’re not your typical circular round doughy pieces of heaven, they have a little corner, or as they say in Dutch, a hoek. After decades as a baker in Antwerp,Continue reading “New in Town: Hoeked Doughnuts”

New in Town: Comida

…Burritos aren’t mexican! As a Tex-Mexican living in Belgium, I’ve seen and visited my share of ‘Mexican’ food spots with high hopes. Usually, these places are fast food concepts consisting of burritos and uninspired nachos. Don’t get me wrong – burritos can be delicious, but they’re not really Mexican. As I talked to PROOF, Palenque,Continue reading “New in Town: Comida”

New in Town: Kin Khao

Kin Khao – “let’s eat” Belgian native and Kin Khao owner Dominque Rongé didn’t just become inspired by Thailand on a trip, he actually lived there for 10 years. As a hospitality professional, he enjoyed some of the most beautiful destinations Thailand has to offer. It was also there that he met his partner and chef SantisukContinue reading “New in Town: Kin Khao”