Through the Lens: Seeking Light, Seeking Stories

Alte Mühle Winterschwil switzerland

Photography literally means writing with light

The dance between light and dark is one of the most fundamental – and most intriguing – elements of photography. It’s through the lens of this duality that I will be exploring some of Switzerland’s oldest and most intriguing buildings.

In partnership with 1.618 AG, a boutique project development agency in Zurich that renovates and preserves historically important buildings, we’ll explore how this equilibrium presents itself as art in everyday Swiss life and architecture.

Storytelling with Light & Darkness

As a storyteller, I’m naturally drawn to the literal and figurative contrast between light and dark. The two opposites coexist to create beautiful visions that sear themselves into our memories: mesmerizing shapes, sharp lines, surreal textures. We know that light is only as intriguing as it is thanks to shade, and under the umbrella of shadow, we can discover lesser-known history and stories about the people and the structures they inhabit that would otherwise be lost to time. 

Everyday, light floods into these places and its legacy comes alive. It’s in this spirit that the dance between light and dark serves as the muse of this Light & Shade series. 

What’s to Come: Unique Stories and Images

In the coming months, 1.618 AG and I will explore historic buildings in Switzerland through their unique stories and images. Whether farmhouses, hotels, churches, or cafés – the contrary forces of light and dark present a candid look at these sites and their worn and wonderful pasts: Gilded and rustic. Good and bad. Joyous and subdued.

We hope this series shines a light on multiple facets of Switzerland’s most historical subjects and their untold and forgotten stories. Join us, through the lens, as we illuminate historical Swiss structures and the land they inhabit.

Coming Soon: A Look Inside The Hamlet of Winterschwil, Over 450 Years Old

More about 1.618 AG and their work

1.618 AG’s Instagram / Facebook / Website

6 responses to “Through the Lens: Seeking Light, Seeking Stories”

  1. What a lovely collection of photos 🙂 can’t wait to see your collaboration with 1.618 AG ! have a great week and cheers from Portugal, PedroL

  2. Thank you, Monica, for the introduction and the great first shooting in this series. Can’t wait to see the story online. Kai

  3. Thank you, Monica, for the introduction and the great first shooting in this series. Can’t wait to see the first story online. Kai

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