A Content Creator’s Guide to Landing Press Trips & Brand Collabs (Templates + Tips)

Are you a content creative/influencer who wants to collaborate with brands?

In the age of the ‘influencer’ and social media, brands across ALL industries are looking to extend their reach and audience through smart and successful collaborations.

Bloggers, influencers, and creatives are a great way to do that.

The only problem?

Competition is fierce. So many content creators want to work with brands — hotels, fashion brands — you name it. They receive loads of sloppy outreach and poorly put together proposals. In order to really stand out and get a second glance, it’s all about presenting your work in an impressive way while offering real value: how can you boost their brand/efforts and why are you the best person to do this? I didn’t have a huge amount of followers! And still don’t. I landed my 1st hotel press trip with only 2k followers but that didn’t stop me from getting the green light. What I did have was a passion for photography and writing and my pitch was effective.

I can help you get your foot in the door. This is a step-by-step guide for press trip beginners

I created this 10 page guide to help beginners team up with great brands while highlighting your talents and services in the best light. If you’re a beginner like I was, that’s okay. What matters is that you have proof of quality content you can produce. Photography, video, writing, whatever it is. I started with ZERO experience and still managed to land 12 press trips in one year thanks to these same outreach materials. I worked with hotels, tour experiences, spa retreats, and restaurants all thanks to the email outreach I created! Now, I want to help you with the experience I gained last year. So, I broke things down into five categories.

What’s Included in My 10 Page Press Trip Guide

  • Tips for Travel Content Creation in the Time of Covid
  • Media Kit Template and Tips to Present Yourself to Brands
  • The Exact Email Template I Used to Land 12 Press Trips
  • Press Trip Etiquette Checklist: Before, During, and After Your Collaboration
  • Content Creation and Pitch Advice from me

Email Template & Tips

Landing a collaboration is all about nailing the first email outreach and making a great first impression. Don’t rack your brain over what to say and how to say it; this word-for-word template will walk you through your first – and really important – point of contact with a brand.

Travel in the Time of Covid

In my guide, I give you five concrete ideas on how to create authentic connection with brands – hotels in particular – during these changing and challenging times for the travel industry.

Media Kit Guide & Template

You’ve heard of a media kit, but what is it? What should yours look like as a content creator? I’ve broken down the most important stats to include as a content creator that will catch a brand’s eye and show them what you’re made of and, most importantly, why they should work with you.

I’m here to help!

After downloading my guide, I can help you craft your pitch and answer your questions if you get stuck along the way or just want a second opinion.

Press Trip Do’s & Don’ts

Congrats! So you’ve landed a collaboration or two. Or three. Now, you’re excitedly counting down to the day, but have you wondered: what are the do’s and dont’s to get the most out of the experience? I’ve been through enough trips to know what you should consider before, during, and after your collaboration.

Content Creator’s Guide to Landing Press Trips & Brand Collabs (Tips + Templates)

Content Creator’s Guide For Landing Brand Collaborations (Templates + Tips)

This 10 page press trip guide will help you reach out to your favorite brands and land collaborations with them. (*Look out for an email from gorgeousglobe@gmail.com within 12 hours of purchase.)


About Monica, Creator of Gorgeous Globe

Hi! My name is Monica and I’m a travel writer and photographer who has lived in France, Belgium, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Switzerland. It’s an understatement to say I’m obsessed with travel. As the founder of Gorgeous Globe Blog, I’ve always enjoyed working with hospitality brands to showcase beautiful design and tasty locales. In 2019, I embarked on a year of press trip experiences visiting hotels, ate my way through delicious food experiences, visited vineyards, and relaxed at amazing spa retreats. My articles and images have been published by expat and travel magazines in Europe and in Asia.

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