The Best Specialty Coffee in Brussels

(A version of this article was recently featured in The Bulletin.) Considering waffles and chocolate are Belgian national snacks, it was no surprise to hear that people here in Brussels drink a considerable amount of coffee and that they appreciate it, too. Since I’ve always had a curiosity about the cities I live in, I used my timeContinue reading “The Best Specialty Coffee in Brussels”

Au revoir, Bruxelles Ma Belle

3 months came and flew by in the Belgian capital. Call it a mini staycation for my husband who’s originally from Antwerp, or an assimilation assignment for me―Brussels was our home base for three months while we switched gears to Belgian life. It was the backdrop to an exciting, transitional period of our newlywed lives, and I reallyContinue reading “Au revoir, Bruxelles Ma Belle”

One Month Later: Our New Belgian Life

I can’t believe it! It’s been over a month since we moved countries and things are going really well. What a huge change full of emotions, excitement, uncertainty, and new beginnings. I was exhilarated at the idea of moving and now that we’ve settled in and have found our feet in Belgium, I’d like to recap ourContinue reading “One Month Later: Our New Belgian Life”