Have questions or comments? I’d be happy to talk about travel, food and anything else!

Need insight or trip advice on destinations seen featured here on GG? Email me.

Moving to a new city? Not sure what to expect? I would love to shed some light on expat life and all that it entails, especially for the following cities:

  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Paris, France
  • Makassar, Indonesia
  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • Fontainebleau, France
  • Singapore
  • Ghent, Belgium
  • Zurich, Switzerland

Look forward to hearing from you,

16 responses to “Contact”

  1. Hey, I came accross your blog looking for friends in the city. My name is Medi, I am a 27 year old Indonesian female. I just moved to Makassar to work with UNHCR. I used to live in Fort Worth a little while back in 2001. Do you still ive in Makassar? I was wondering if you know a good spot to hang out and find friends. I am sorry for the random message. I am in desperate need for a life in this city.. Hehe..

  2. Hello Monica, love you blog!

    Iève been living in Singapore for 15 years and for several reasons are looking to relocate to JB. Would be very interested to get your take on the best place to live – you mentioned your place ws Zen like…. where É

    Thanks in advance – have a GREAT day


  3. Hello Monica, hope you are ok! still having fun in JB? My husband and I will move to JB next year and I would like some tips , websites, etc about closed guarded condos. We are looking forward to someplace we can jog safely; lots of trees 🙂 New and modern. Houses or apartments. Number one priority is safety, we are living in Dubai where is super super safe worry free; it will take me time to learn to even zip my bags; or not leave my cel or tablets over a table to serve some coffee or even to to the bathroom. From all I read about JB it looks like my home country BRAZIL, where one has to worry 24/7 and be alert!!
    Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Monica, Im a johorean, relatives staying at your taman and i myself stay in Gaya….let me know if you need any help, especially for the best food. Also, my uncle is operating a coffee shop in Taman Molek and food is great there!.In case, you have never heard of Desaru or Kukup, nice for a weekend trip.I’m glad you are comfortable staying in JB.

    • Hi Jenn! Thanks for your comment! I no longer live in Johor Bahru, but heard the city has grown so much. Which coffee shop does your uncle own? I use to frequest Brew Orchestra alot!

  5. Good afternoon! I am Scottish born and bred. Lived in Singapore from 2013-2016 and have been in living in Dallas, Texas ever since then. We are moving to Johor Bahru in February. My only experience of JB is visiting Holiday Plaza on the bus from Singapore for a fake Bulgari bag haha. I know you no longer live there but I was wondering if you could shed light on good areas to live. You mentioned you lived in Taman Molek. Others have mentioned Horizon Hills, Permas Jaya Straits View, Leisure Farms, Ledang Heights and East Ledang. Do you know much about those? I know they’re suburban but I was hoping to stay nearer downtown in a nice neighbourhood. Thank you for any input you may have. Habe a great day!

  6. Hi, Monica!
    I am Lyne from the Philippines. I hope everything is fine.
    I was inspired by your journey in this page, and your relationship with the Belgian. If there’s an opportunity for me, I hope I can find a Belgian man too. 😉 Could you please help me find one. Haha! 😉 Do you have any advice finding a lastingbrelationship for a 40-year old me?
    I have been focused with my career, so now am longing for a purpose to my personal life as a woman/lady/girl/gal, whatever they call it for female gender.

    Have a great day, everyday!

  7. Hello! My name is Analise. I am a 25 year old working professional who lives in Sacramento. My roommate and I have been talking about moving to another country and your blog has me super interested on how you do it!! You are living the life I have dreamed of! I am loving your blog so much I even saved it to my work computer! Lol.

    • Hi Analist! I think you should DO IT! It will change your life forever 😉 Thanks for saving my blog, that means so much!! Let me know if you have any questions about moving to Asia or Europe.

  8. (I’m sorry if I don’t say some things correctly. English is not my first language)

    I am deeply touched by all your posts talking about yout relationship with your Belgian husband. I am also in love with a great Belgian man from Flanders. We’re currently on an LDR and we’ll meet for the first time, but I’ve never ever been so happy in my life. Thanks for sharing this experience in an open and honest way. I feel relieved and also represented by many things you said. Besides reading, I’m sharing my thoughts with him and letting him express himself. We’ve been having really good talks about that. May God bless your lives and your relationship.

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