Anniversary Post: 2,555 Days Since We Met

Seven years ago today, I wasn’t in the mood to go out.

It was a damp Saturday in Paris and I just didn’t have it in me to get dressed and put in the effort. My friend convinced me that we should get out if even just for one drink. We were both so new to the city and knew those first few months were crucial to feeling good in our new city. I was also in need of a new roommate, so those two things combined pushed me out the door. I texted a friend of mine and he told me we should meet him and his friends at a bar because as it turned out, he knew a girl who was also looking for a roommate. So we went.

Photo by Mirna Pavlović

The bar was far from special. I would even say it was a tourist trap. We walked into the back room that was dimly lit with blue light. There was a long table of people our age chatting and drinking. Immediately, a short woman with voluminous curls stood up to greet me enthusiastically. As we chatted, I noticed her handsome friend sitting next to her. She introduced me to him briefly as her friend from Belgium; they had studied together in Antwerp and he was new to the city as well. As I quickly said hi to him I was so impressed by how tall he was. Most men in Paris that I had met up to that point were shorter than me. I definitely liked him but I had other things to focus on at that moment like my soon-to-be new roommate.

It was only when we got outside that I was able to talk to her tall, handsome friend. That friend, as you can probably guess, was Laurens.

That evening changed everything. We went from bar to bar, locked into our deep conversation and with a clear interest in each other. I was from Texas and he was Belgian; we were both intrigued by our differences but surprised at our quick connection. It was a whirlwind of emotions but somehow I knew he was different.

That night was the beginning of a whole new year of love and romance, but what strikes me about our first meeting is how ordinary it was. That was 2, 555 days ago. What came next was definitely unordinary and unexpected. After seven years, we’re still in love with the life we’ve built together.

Today we’ve been together for seven years

Seven is a special number for us. We met on the 13th and seven days later we were officially together. We got married on the 7th as well as a nod to the number.

Time has flown by since that night. When I look back on our twenties,  I realize that we’ve seen each other through different stages of our adulthood: victories, challenges, growth, letdowns, and all the sweet stuff in between.

I can honestly say marriage changed the game for us. Things felt significantly more secure and enjoyable once we tied the knot. I won’t say it was all roses from then on, but what I can say is that these past seven years we’ve earned and fought for a successful relationship. Our identities becoming slightly more intertwined each year whether we realized it or not. We meet challenges head-on together, put in the effort and – most of the time – improve ourselves to make our relationship more enjoyable and fulfilling. Also, we have a lot of fun together and that’s what I love most.

Love is a powerful force and companionship with the right person is nothing short of blissful. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m happy our moment didn’t just pass by. I’m glad it wasn’t just a fleeting flirt. I’m glad I went out that night despite not wanting to in the first place.

So, today I’m stepping back to appreciate that day meeting my man seven years ago and everything that followed it. My life wouldn’t be the same without him and my heart wouldn’t be either.

All photos in this post were taken by Mirna Pavlovic of The Wandering Childe.

2 responses to “Anniversary Post: 2,555 Days Since We Met”

  1. What a beautiful story!
    I felt like I was watching a movie as I read through,Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you both life’s best!
    Love from Nagaland ❤️

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