Viatnamese Beef Noodle Salad- Bún Bò Nam Bo

Bún Bò Nam Bo Recipe:

Image 1I recently had the great oppurtunity to join a cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam. We learned how to cook four traditional Vietnamese dishes on Thuan Tinh island in a serene outdoor setting. Bun Bo is the best beef noodle combination I’ve ever tried, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the meal long after we left Hoi An. After all the eating we did on the vacation, it was refreshing to be on the other side, preparing these famous dishes. Having said that, I was ecstatic to not only taste the real deal, but to make it myself. Although each meal we had was mind blowing, this was the highlight of Vietnamese cuisine for me! It’s a must try and the best part is it’s so easy to make, so refreshing and hearty. If you’re in Hoi An, you have to try the cooking class yourself.

*Feel free to replace beef with tofu, chicken or pork.

SERVES: 2 people                TIME: 30 minutes                LEVEL: Easy


For ladling broth: 1 Knorr beef bouillon cube & 2 cups water

2 packages vermicelli noodles

16 thin slices of beef tenderloin

5 tbsp. raw peanuts

6-7 lettuce leaves

1 bunch mint leaves

1 bunch coriander

1/2 carrot to grate

1/2 cucumber to slice

1 handful of bean sprouts

5-6 shallots sliced in rings

2 garlic cloves sliced

2 tbsp. soybean oil

3 tbsp. soy sauce

1 tsp. sugar

black pepper, salt

20 drops lime juice/lemon juice


  1. Follow package directions and cook rice vermicelli noodles. Set aside to cool.
  2. Bring 2 cups water to a boil and add bouillon cube. Turn off, cover, and set aside.
  3. Cut 16 thin slices of beef tenderloin across the grain.
  4. Roast 5 tablespoons of raw peanuts.
  5. Shred or chop 6 lettuce leaves and toss with some mint and coriander. Place in a plate or large bowl as a bed of herbed salad.
  6. Place around the salad small amounts of grated carrot, sliced cucumber, red chili slices, bean sprouts, chopped purple Perilla (if available) to have different contrasting color groups.
  7. Place the cooked vermicelli noodles in a small bowl and flip over on top of the salad.
  8. Fry 6 shallots sliced in rings and 2 garlic cloves sliced with 2 tablespoons soybean oil over medium heat until lightly brown. Set garlics and shallots aside.
  9. Saute beef slices in the shallot-flavored oil over high heat. Then lay on top of the rice vermicelli.
  10. Deglaze the pan with 3 ladles of the Knorr beef broth. Quickly reduce by half.
  11. Add 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 2 pinches of black pepper, and 2 pinches of salt. Turn off heat and squeeze 20 drops of lime or lemon juice.
  12. Pour half of the reduction while it’s still hot on top of the first plated beef/vermicelli; pour the remaining reduction on the second plate.
  13. Sprinkle with fried shallots/garlic and 2-3 tablespoons freshly roasted chopped peanuts.
  14. Garnish with coriander or mint. Serve immediately!

Enjoy! Bon Appetit! Ăn ngon nhé!

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