“I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”



Chasing the sunset in Dubrovnik

Traveling was never just a vacation for me, a small getaway that would satisfy me for a year or two. It was a way of life, an insistent calling that I couldn’t silence. With saved money in my pocket and plenty of curiosity, I delved into culture after culture becoming more and more ignited with each destination. Why not go somewhere else? Just to see what life would be like and if I could make it. These moments in my 27 years have been the most invigorating, soul igniting moments so far.

Sometimes it takes leaving a place to find yourself. Living in Spain, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Belgium has opened my eyes to this gorgeous globe and its wonderous destinations, food and people. My heart grows full and flutters when I think of the places I’ve seen and the pivotal people that have crossed my path. These are my travel stories and photography of places that have seared themselves into my memory and inspire me to keep discovering everyday. Musings, thoughts, reflections, rants and raves; it’s all part of the life away from home!

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Get out there!