Belgium’s 1st Cookie Dough Pop-Up Bar!

The cookie dough hype has officially arrived in Belgium! Two civil engineering students Amelie Cobbaert and Marilyn Dierick decided to turn their love of baking into a trendy and fun dessert pop up bar in Ghent. With flavors like original, chocoholic, speculicious, and toppings like marshmallows, m&m’s, popcorn, pretzels, candy, sweet toothes now have the next best place to get their sugar fix. 

As Belgium’s 1st Cookie Dough Bar, how do you expect people to react to the concept?

In America, London, Paris and Amsterdam cookie dough bars are already the new trend. Who doesn’t like dough? Why bake it when you can eat it? We expect people to be curious and hope they will like it. We put a lot of effort into creating new types. It will be a colorful and young spot where everyone feels at home.

Where did the love for cookie dough begin?

It all started in the kitchen of our student home. We were cooking and baking all day instead of studying. It is just the passion for food and for doing business. Oh, and we love chocolate and dough, so the combination is perfection!

What inspired you to start DOUGH IT?

We both still study Civil Engineering, so this combination is a little unexpected. Everybody said to wait until after our studies, but we couldn’t wait. We started to look for some trends and we love baking. The students in our home always preferred the dough over the cookies. Like that the idea started growing. It is a pop-up to keep the product unique and make it special.

What is the main thing you’d like to be known for in the Ghent/Belgian dessert scene?

We’d like to be known for our originality and creativity; we try to be different from the rest! Our interior is totally handmade…It took a lot of time but we’re happy with the result! Also, our recipes took some effort but the uniqueness will attract people. Our shop is just the combination of sweetness and smiles!

What do you think will the be most popular item on your menu? 

We selected our favorites to compile the menu. So we are happy with our different tastes and doughs! Every week there will be a special dough so it’s hard to say…Everybody will find something for their sweet tooth!

Sint Jacobsnieuwstraat 45
Gent, Belgium 9000


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